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CD/DVD Releases: vidnaObmana Backcatalog To Get Digital Re-Release

Posted on Monday, February 13 @ 18:00:00 UTC by nightowl

In the latest Dirk Serries (Fear Falls Burning, vidnaObmana) newsletter, it is reported that "In conjunction with Projekt Records we are creating a vault of digital-only releases of vidnaObmana's expansive backcatalog, including live recordings, unreleased tracks and rare compilation tracks. We started with the reissue of some older Hypnos titles. Last but not least confirmed is the release of the epic The Sleep Of Reason vinyl trilogy on Tonefloat in September/October 2012 with a short tour to follow. Read about this all here below..."

vidnaObmana's gradual development from an industrial sound sculptor in 1984 to an artist equally at home in the world of electronica and contemporary composition has been a full dimensional story that found its closure in 2005. 0ver the course of more than 25 years, he would influence the gradual growth of ambient from nothing but a fleeting idea by Brian Eno to an established and challenging genre, record the classic The River Of Appearance, write a soundtrack for the giant aquarium of the Antwerp Zoo and work with the likes of Steve Roach, Steven Wilson and a symphonic orchestra. Most of all, he would efficiently demonstrate that stylistic limitations are purely rooted in a lack of imagination. Into The Heart Of The Eternal captures vidnaObmana in the mid-years of his creative arc when recording for Projekt. The digital-only release gives the listener a journey into the mind of this composer, demonstrating how his sonic world remains a unique voice in the electronic music scene and is available at a budget price. Go to iTunes.

This introduction is the start of a series of iTunes exclusive digital (re-)releases of previously deleted albums, live recordings, unreleased music and rare compilation tracks, carefully selected from the vaults of vidnaObmana and made possible by Projekt Records.

Also just available are Soundtrack For The Aquarium, Landscape In Obscurity, The Surreal Sanctuary and The Contemporary Nocturne.

Over the past few years, alongside their own solo projects, Dirk Serries (BE) and Jon Attwood (Yellow6, UK) have been slowly working on a trilogy of albums. This trilogy combines their own individual takes on guitar drone and ambience into something with its own character and style. The resulting music sees their guitars blend into slowly shifting soundscapes that take you to a different place and time. Each album is a continuation of the previous one but differs on an almost subliminal level, making the listener realise over time that The Sleep Of Reason is a slowly mutating, thematic and specific musical entity.

The trilogy will be released as a vinyl box set, including a bonus one-sided LP featuring the complete recording their succesful debut concert at the TF100 Tonefloat festival, March 27th 2011, by Tonefloat Records in September/October 2012.

The Sleep Of Reason will tour Europe selectively late October/early November 2012.

[Source: Dirk Serries newsletter]

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