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Festival News: BajaProg Returns for 2013

Posted on Saturday, December 29 @ 18:24:18 PST by nightowl

Well, I'll be darned! We take an unplanned, intermittent, sabbtical for nearly ... six months ... and surprising things happened whilst we were gone. None more surprising perhaps to me (your dear editor) than reading that there is going to be a BajaProg this coming April! This is a good surprise, especially for the West Coast prog crowd who are, I'm sure, hoping for another chapter of the CalProg story (though Jim does plan on-off events, but...).

Anyway, enough editorializing, here's the scoop. April 3 - 6, 2013 in Mexicali, Mexico there will be staged BajaProg 2013. What bands are on the bill? Well, it's a corker, as they say...

Anglagard (Sweden), Cast (Mexico), The Crimson ProjecKt (UK-USA), Crisalida (Chile), Galahad (UK), Gran Turismo Veloce (Italy), Steve Hackett Band (UK), Jelonek (Poland), Eddie Jobson Band (UK), Locanda Delle Fate (Italy), Mystery (Canada), New Trolls (Italy), Panzerballet (Germany), Three Friends (UK), with more TBA!

Tickets are already on sale via this link.

[Source: BajaProg website (via a posting on eProg by Greg Walker/Syn-phonic]

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