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CD/DVD Releases: Musea Releases For July 2013

Posted on Monday, July 22 @ 17:56:51 UTC by nightowl

Musea Records announced the following releases for July:

Gadi Caplan - Look Back Step Forward: Expanding his musical interests, Gadi Caplan explores rock, jazz, funk and world music in an even deeper way on his second album Look back Step Forward which will be released this summer. An array of different original compositions, from the prog oriented tracks "Brother," "Frostbite," "Monsoon Season," "Tesha" and "Look Back Step Forward," to the funky "It's All The Same," acoustic ballad "Charlotte," Carnatic based composition "Indian Summer," jazz piece "A Latin Winter" and Caplan's salute to some of his rock heroes on "Within The Clouds."

The album features a remarkable cast of musicians that make up two different bands; once more pianist Michael Hurwitz joins Caplan accompanied by bassist Noga Shefi and drummer Moses Eder. Other tracks feature Opposite Views drummer Alex Santiago with bassist Maciej Lewandowsky and keyboardist Gonzalo Allendes. Adding color and texture are violinist Duncan Wickel, oud player Jussi Reijonen, and flutist Tucker Antell. Bringing the funk are saxophonists Lihi Haruvi and Michael Summer joined by keyboardist Christian Li, and rocking out is singer Oded Weinstock.

Il Monstro - Le Fant&ocaret;me de l'Opéra: The creation of concert film Le Fant&ocaret;me de l'Opéra (The Phantom Of The Opera) by the quartet It Monstro at the Nuits Soniques Festival d'Auray, had proceeded idyllically, despite all the difficulties a off-trail project like the latter fought. Ten minutes in and "Vous Avez Grandi Le Film" reached us, triggering also broad smiles like the mouth of a Russian river. The draft CD dawned very quickly with almost the same team: Régis Boulard on drums, Laurent Genty replacing David Euverte on keyboards on the CD, Daniel Paboeuf on saxophones and Christian Paboeuf on oboe, vibraphone midi, bass and alto flutes. After three years of difficult searches, Bernard Gueffier and his label Musea were made confident. Two other artists were invited to make all the richness of the orchestration: Jean Christophe Lannoy, cellist and professor at the Conservatoire of Lille, and Christiane Bopp, trombonist and professor at the Conservatoire de Poitiers, playing notably in the trio Jean Lapouge.

And a reissue, King Crimson - Red: A superb vinyl reissue, with a pocket opening; 200 grams vinyl; repeating the original 1969 mix remastered. Codes provide access to an exclusive download of a 320 Kbps MP3 version of the album.

[Source: Musea]

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