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CD/DVD Releases: Manning To Release "Akoustic #2" In August

Posted on Monday, June 09 @ 15:19:43 UTC by nightowl

Last week, Guy Manning announced the August release of Akoustic #2, "9 re-imagined oldies from across the Manning back catalogue plus 3 brand new pieces[, 'Yesterday's Hero,' 'Moorland Skies,' and 'Saturday Picture Show.']" The full tracklisting is below.

Track Listing:

01. White Waters
02. Songs From The Bilston House
03. Yesterdays' Hero
04. A Strange Place
05. Moorland Skies
06. Flight 19
07. Saturday Picture Show
08. Blue Girl
09. Icarus & Me
10. Joshua Logan
11. Ships
12. Winter


Guy Manning - Guitars, Keyboards, Mandolins, Drums, Percussion & Vocals
Julie King - Vocals
David Million - Guitars
Jonathan Barrett - Bass
Kev Currie - Backing Vocal arrangements
Steve Dundon - Flute
Marek Arnold - Saxes & Clarinet
Ian 'Walter' Fairbairn - Fiddle & Mandolin
Rick Henry - Drums & Percussion
Martin Thiselton - Piano

Akoustic #2 is due out from Festival Music in August.

[Source: Guy Manning website/newsletter]

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