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Artist News: Hugh McDowell Joins John Wetton & Geoff Downes For November Dates

Posted on Friday, April 13 @ 06:20:54 UTC by nightowl

As reported on Geoff Downes' website, "Wetton Downes' Icon will feature John Mitchell and Steve Christey as normal, and in a move which suggests a special stage show being prepared, it can be confirmed that Hugh McDowell will be joining the band on stage.

"Hugh has contributed generously to the Icon catalogue, his distinctive cello adding a depth and fabric to the Icon sound. Hugh was a member of the Electric Light Orchestra throughout their glory years, pioneering the featured use of the cello within rock music.

"Insiders have confirmed that the Icon shows will not contain anything from the first 2 Asia albums that are featured in the reunited original Asia set, focussing instead on John and Geoff?s heritage years with Yes, UK, King Crimson, plus a few surprises and of course their recent collaborations.

"Songs from 4 decades of ingenuity and pushing boundaries????

"Finally, rumours of other special guests and specialist creative stage designs have not been denied."

[Source: Asian Armada/Geoff Downes website]

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