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CD/DVD Releases: Tim Bowness Launches Stream Of "Sing To Me"

Posted on Friday, September 04 @ 20:00:00 UTC by nightowl

In more Tim Bowness news, in July he released his third solo album, and released another track from it, "Sing To Me," a mostly understated, gentle track, but with a romantic sweep. Very nice.

In the InsideOut Music press release, Tim had this to say about the track and its origins:

"Originally a No-Man demo called Best Boy Electric*, I heard this for the first time in over 20 years when Steven Wilson sent it to me in October 2014 for consideration for the reissue of no-man's Lost Songs album.

"I'd completely forgotten the song, and on hearing it again couldn't believe we'd not pursued it further. The No-Man version was skeletal with an improvised, incomplete lyric, but on re-hearing the song in 2014, it felt special to me and I knew where I'd like to take it musically. A new lyric was written as were a couple of new instrumental themes.

"One of my favourite songs on the album, it reminds me of aspects of the early No-man that I loved, while also feeling very much a part of the music I'm currently making."

* The original No-Man demo appears on the bonus disc of Stupid Things That Mean The World.

[Previously we added to our "likes" at our YouTube page the lyric video for "Press Reset"]

[Source: InsideOut Music]

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