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CD/DVD Releases: Holiday Gifts From Musea Records...

Posted on Wednesday, December 23 @ 20:16:24 UTC by admin

Gifts from Musea this season (Nov/Dec) -- their own releases or distributions - start with Yes' Fragile, which sees reissue in Blu-Ray audio (!). Here's what Musea says about this reissue: "The most prestigious of the Progressive rock Dinosaurs was born in 1968 from the meeting between Jon Anderson's celestial and idealistic voice and Chris Squire's rumbling Rickenbacker bass. Quickly, Mabel Greer's Toyshop became Yes and hired drummer Bill Bruford, guitar-player Peter Banks & keyboardist Tony Kaye. This line-up recorded then two pop-rock albums that already had a touch of what was to become Yes' Progressive rock. As early as 1970, Steve Howe took over the guitars and proved to be the trigger to the real ambition included in the music of Yes. From the famous The Yes Album, the discography of this band got more impressive albums with each record. Rick Wakeman replaced Tony Kaye in 1971, elevating the art of Yes to the top of Progressive rock from the following album called Fragile.

This timeless masterpiece is today showcased in a revisited edition, remixed by Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree). It's available in two versions, the first one containing an audio DVD, and the second one an audio Blu-Ray. In both cases, this additional disc includes the album mixed in 24-96 5.1 PCM Surround Sound and in DTS-HD MA 5.1 from original multi-track sources, a new album mix in High Resolution Stereo, the original album mix (flat transfer) in High Resolution Stereo, six additional tracks, the original Roger Dean artwork expanded and restored with material from the archives and with full approval of the artist, not to mention new sleeve notes by writer Sid Smith along with rare photos and archive material. The audio Blu-Ray adds two more bonus-tracks, the instrumental mix of the album and more surprises. Without any doubt the ultimate version of an ultimate masterpiece !"

Not part of the press release, but you can hear teasers from the remixed version here at Yes' website. The additional tracks are: "We Have Heaven" (full mix), "South Side Of The Sky" (early version), "All Fighters Past" (previously unheard), "We Have Heaven" (acapella), "Roundabout" (rehearsal take/early mix), and "Mood For Another Day" (alternate take of "Mood For A Day").

Yes will be playing Fragile and Drama in their entireties on their upcoming Spring 2016 tour of Europe and the UK, which begins in Glasgow, Scotland at the Royal Concert Hall on April 27 and concludes in Rome, Italy at the Teatro Olimpico on June 1. Full itinerary is available at yesworld.com.

You can also unwrap a new release from Amarok entitled Hayak Yolunda. "Amarok's style is quite different from the current Spanish Progressive rock movement, thanks to their tone. Led by multi-instrumentalist Robert Santamaria, this mainly acoustic band uses a variety of instruments, like the guitar, oboe, violin, piano, didgeridoo, tabla, saxophone, organ, drums and percussions. Mireia Sisquella's clear voice creates soundscapes recognizable for their simplicity and quietness, making her the counterpart of Portuguese singer Teresa Salgueiro (Madredeus). Some keyboards rhythm sequences are the basis for the superb melodies pictured by the vocals, in a peaceful atmosphere between Enya's acoustic new-age, L'ensemble Raye's minimalist chamber rock and In The Labyrinth's ethnic musics (apart from the Indian references). The 2015 rendition, Hayak Yolunda, showcases nine original tracks filled with precious refinement. This new studio opus includes a second disc, aptly named Archivos - 2009-2015, containing a Beatles cover as well as "Stratosfear" written by Tangerine Dream. Recommended !"

Also available through Musea: Experimental jazz ensemble Urban Sax's Inside, which comes in a CD/DVD edition and a CD/DVD/LP edition. "Urban Sax is a group like no other. This French musical ensemble has been founded in 1973 by Gilbert Artman, who was then the drummer and the leader of Lard Free. Now a composer and a stage director, our man leads an evolutive and proteiform orchestra, renowned for its visual and musical performances. Several dozens of musicians and actors are here to serve gigantic shows, all different by nature. The saxophone is king, accompanied by various instruments according to the needs. Hypnotic and repetitive, this improvised music is based on 'continuous sound' (E flat), where polyrhythmic loops build and develop in a score, surrounded by the 'sonic faraway' principle meant to tickle the listener's ear. The projects are made to fit the time and the place, highlighting a specific scenography for each of them. Let's also notice, among the multitude of musicians involved in a career spanning forty years, a saxophonist named Philippe Hollande, the elder brother of a famous French statesman... Recorded in the year 2014, Inside includes eleven compositions, presented in a package with a vinyl, a 5.1 video-audio DVD, a CD and a thirty-two pages book. Not to be missed !"

And a New Musics release from Falter Bramnk, Vagal: "Frank Lambert, also known as Falter Bramnk, likes to perform a brand of Progressive rock music Chris Cutler would have been proud of. His art can easily be put in the style of Rock In Opposition, such as defined by Henry Cow and Ensemble Nimbus, for instance. Published in the year 2015 on the Gazul label, Vagal has been entirely produced and performed by Falter Bramnk. The artist plays piano, organ, synthesizers, sampler, guitars, strings, percussions, electronics, soundscapes... Nothing less! Not even mentioning his voice, of course. He is helped by guests on snare drum and saxophone, for the tracks "Time Factor" and "Abschaum." To be discovered !"

And that's not all! Musea has also made available a slew of Esoteric Recordings - and by a slew, I mean no fewer than 130 titles! Here's the complete list:

· Johnny Almond Music Machine - Patent Pending (CD)
· Jon Anderson - Change We Must (CD)
· Jon & Vangelis - Page Of Life (CD)
· Audience - Audience (CD), Friends Friends Friends (CD), The House On The Hill (CD) and Lunch (CD)
· Tony Banks - A Chord Too Far (4 CD)
· Dave Brock - Looking For Love In The Lost Land Of Dreams (LP)
· Pete Brown - The Not Forgotten Association (CD)
· Jack Bruce - Somethin' Els (CD), Cities Of The Heart (2 CD), Monkjack (CD), and Silver Rails (CD)
· Burnin' Red Ivanhoe - Canal Trip - An Anthology 1969-1974 (2 CD) and W.W.W. (CD)
· John Cale & Terry Riley - Church Of Anthrax (CD)
· Jim Capaldi - The Contender (2 CD)
· Steve Ellis - Riding On The Crest Of A Slump (CD) and Why Not ? (CD)
· Keith Emerson - Honky (CD), Changing States (CD), and At The Movies (3 CD)
· Eyes Of Blue - Crossroads Of Time (CD) and In Fields Of Ardath (CD)
· F.M. - NEARFest 2006 (2 CD)
· Fields - Contrasts - Urban Roar To Country Peace (CD)
· Fish On Friday - Godspeed (CD)
· Flash - In The Can (CD)
· Fuchsia - Fuchsia (CD)
· The Gasoline Band - The Gasoline Band (CD)
· Gordon Giltrap - The Peacock Party (CD) and Airwaves (CD)
· GTR - GTR (2 CD)
· John Hackett - Another Life (CD)
· Peter Hammill & Gary Lucas - Other World (CD)
· Hawkwind - Astounding Sounds, Amazing Music (LP), Warrior On The Edge Of Time (2 CD) and Coded Languages - Live At The Hammersmith Odeon - November 1982 (2 CD)
· Help Yourself - Reaffirmation - An Anthology 1971-1973 (2 CD)
· Hi Fiction Science - Curious Yellow (CD)
· Andy Jackson - Signal To Noise (CD) and 73 Days At Sea (CD)
· Juicy Lucy - Get A Whiff A This (CD)
· Junior's Eyes - Battersea Power Station (2 CD)
· Kestrel - Kestrel (2 CD)
· John Kongos - Kongos (CD)
· John Lees' Barclay James Harvest - North (LP & CD) and Legacy - Live At The Shepherds Bush Empire 2006 (2 CD)
· Deke Leonard - Iceberg (CD) and Kamikaze (CD)
· John Lodge - Natural Avenue (CD) and 10.000 Light Years Ago (CD)
· Nick Magnus - N'Monix (CD)
· Man - All's Well That Ends Well (3 CD), The Twang Dynasty (3 CD) and Call Down The Moon (CD)
· John Martyn - Well Kept Secret (CD)
· The Moody Blues - The Magnificent Moodies (CD)
· Bill Nelson - Getting The Holy Ghost Across (2 CD), After The Satellite Sings (CD) and · Bill Nelson's Orchestra Arcana - Optimism (CD)
· Panama Limited - Indian Summer (CD)
· Panama Limited Jug Band - Panama Limited Jug Band (CD)
· Tony Patterson & Brendan Eyre - Northlands (CD)
· Pavlov's Dog - At The Sound Of The Bell (CD)
· Anthony Phillips - Harvest Of The Heart - An Anthology (5 CD), The Geese And The Ghost - The Definitive Edition (3 CD), and Private Parts And Pieces I-IV (5 CD)
· Mike Pinder - The Promise/Among The Stars (3 CD)
· Nigel Planer - Neil's Heavy Concept Album (CD)
· Procol Harum - Procol Harum (CD), Procol Harum - A Salty Dog (CD), Procol Harum - Shine On Brightly (CD), and Procol Harum - Home (CD)
· Quantum Jump - Quantum Jump (2 CD) and Quantum Jump - Barracuda (2 CD)
· Geoffrey Richardson - The Garden Of Love (CD)
· Todd Rundgren - Global (LP), Todd Rundgren's Johnson Live (2 CD), and At The BBC - 1972-1982 (3 CD) plus Todd Rundgren & Utopia - Live At The Electric Ballroom - Milwaukee 23rd October 1978 (CD) and Live At The Old Waldorf, San Francisco - August 1978 (CD)
· Roger Ruskin Spear - Electric Shocks (CD) and Unusual (CD)
· David Sancious - Forest Of Feelings (CD) and David Sancious & Tone - Transformation - The Speed Of Love (CD)
· Sanguine Hum - Now We Have Light (2 CD) and What We Ask Is Where We Begin: The Songs For Days Sessions (CD)
· Sassafras - Expecting Company (CD)
· Schnauser - Protein For Everyone (CD)
· Sky - Sky (2 CD), II (2 CD), III (2 CD), IV - Forthcoming (2 CD), Cadmium... (2 CD), Five Live (2 CD), and Sky - Toccata - An Anthology (2 CD)
· Solstice - Prophecy (CD)
· Sontaag - Sontaag (CD)
· Spring - Spring (2 CD)
· Matt Stevens - Lucid (CD)
· Al Stewart - Orange (CD), Modern Times (CD) and Past, Present And Future (CD)
· Dave Sturt - Dreams And Absurdities (CD)
· Andy Summers - Synaesthesia (CD)
· Lord Sutch And Heavy Friends - Lord Sutch And Heavy Friends (CD)
· Stephen W. Tayler - Ostinato (CD)
· Tea And Symphony - An Asylum For The Musically Insane (CD) and Jo Sago (CD)
· Thee Image - Thee Image/Inside The Triangle (CD)
· Chris Thompson - Toys And Dishes (CD) and Jukebox - The Ultimate Collection 1975-2015 (2 CD)
· Theo Travis' Double Talk - Transgression (CD)
· Third World War - Third World War (CD)
· Tin Spirits - Scorch (CD)
· United States Of America - United States Of America (CD)
· Van Der Graaf Generator - Merlin Atmos - Live Performances 2013 (LP) and Merlin Atmos - Live Performances 2013 (Special Edition) (2 CD)
· Vangelis - Beaubourg (CD) and Vangelis - Direct (CD) · Rick Wakeman - Fields Of Green (CD) and Softsword - King John And The Magna Carta (CD), plus Rick Wakeman & The English Rock Ensemble - Out There (CD), In The Nick Of Time - Live In 2003 (CD), and Out Of The Blue (CD)

Plus a selection of Christmas themed titles from Voiceprint, Talking Elephant and others (in no particular order):

· Christmas - The Players - Christmas - The Players
· Christmas In Albion - Christmas In Albion (Talking Elephant Compilation)
· Hope For The Holidays - Rockin' Christmas For A Cure (2CD Voiceprint Compilation)
· Marina Xavier - A Jazzy Christmas In Paris
· New Blizzard Symphony - A Christmas Heirloom
· Richard Digance - The Toast Of Christmas Past
· The Albion Band - An Albion Christmas and Another Christmas Present From...
· The Albion Christmas Band - Snow On Snow, The Carols, Traditional, and Winter Songs
· The California Guitar Trio - A Christmas Album
· The December People - Sounds Like Christmas
· The Prog World Orchestra - A Proggy Christmas

[Source: Musea, Yes' website]

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