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Artist News: Believe - New Vocalist, New Drummer, And, In 2016, New Album

Posted on Saturday, December 26 @ 23:13:28 UTC by admin

Polish progressive rock band Believe acquired a new singer in August, Maciej Kosinski. Kosinski was previously in a band named Magwitch, and later Votum. And then later it was shared the band also has a new drummer, Łukasz Tomczak, who has also played with a variety of groups including DST, The Nameless, and in the pop-punk band Rotten Bark. This makes the current lineup of Believe: Mirek Gil - guitar, Przemas Zawadzki - bass, Satomi - violin, and those two new members Maciej Kosinski - vocals and Łukasz Tomczak - drums.

A couple of days ago the band shared a new track from their upcoming album, due Spring 2016, called "Veils."

[Source: Believe]

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