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Artist News: Canadian Prog Power Metallers Drakarium Sign With Maple Metal Records

Posted on Monday, December 28 @ 12:36:12 PST by admin

New EP Details Revealed, 3 Songs Streaming

Canadian progressive power metallers Drakarium signed a worldwide deal earlier this year with Maple Metal Records to release their debut EP DrakariuM, which came out on November 17th.

Hailing from Saguenay, Quebec, Drakarium are a quintet formed in 2004. The founding members of the band are vocalist/guitar player Jipi Brassard, keyboardist Pio Vigneault, and drummer Alexandre L. Martin. New members, lead guitarist Guillaume Duchesne, and Phil Brassard (no relation to Jipi) round out the line-up that performed on the EP.

DrakariuM was produced by Guillaume Duchesne and the band, in Saguenay, QC. The album cover art was created by Dee Artwork of Indonesia. The main five compositions on the EP were inspired by the Japanese five elements of philosophy (arranged in this order on the EP) Fire, Void, Earth, Water and Wind.

The 3 songs streaming online are:

"Naine Blanche"

Drakarium will be playing select dates in Quebec & Ontario in support of their new EP, details of which have yet to be announced.

Track listing for DrakariuM:

1. Prelude
2. Naine Blanche
3. Néant
4. Interlude
5. Fleur De Lys
6. L'épave
7. Ecclésia

Drakarium is:

Jipi Brassard – Vocals & Guitar
Guillaume Duchesne – Lead guitar
Pio Vigneault - Keyboards
Phil Brassard - Bass
Alexandre L. Martin – Drums

[Source: Maple Metal Records]

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