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Festival News: RosFest Announce 2017 Headliners Anglagard

Posted on Monday, August 29 @ 23:46:56 PDT by admin

On August 26, RosFest announced: "We're excited to announce that legendary Swedish band Änglagård will be the Sunday night headliner at ROSfest 2017, concluding the festival as the final band.

"Änglagård was initially formed in 1991, and in just a few hectic years they released their debut album Hybris, played at Progfest in Los Angeles, and released their second album Epilog. They then disbanded, although a live album Buried Alive surfaced a couple of years later. In 2002 the band reformed, played at festivals in Germany (Freakfest) and the US (Nearfest), and then went into hiatus.

"Since 2008, Änglagård has once again been an active venture. The new line-ups changed on a fairly consistent basis for some time, but a core set of musicians kept the band going. In 2012 they released their long-awaited third studio album Viljans Oga, regarded by many as their finest moment. From 2014 and onward the line-up stabilized, consisting of Anna Holmgren (flute, sax), Johan Brand (bass), Tord Lindman (guitars, vocals), Erik Hammarström (drums), Linus Kaase (keyboards) and Jonas Engdeaard (guitars). In recent years they have been booked for the prestigious Cruise to the Edge event twice, in 2015 as well as the upcoming trip in 2017, and they have recently reported that new material is in the works.

"Änglagård was one of the driving forces behind the revival of progressive rock in the early 1990s, and it’s a pleasure for us to welcome them back to the USA for ROSfest 2017. We’re as eagerly looking forward to seeing them live as everyone else, and expect to see a packed house when we have the honor of watching them conclude the 2017 edition of ROSfest."

[Source: RosFest]

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