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Artist News: Riverside Keeps Flowing...

Posted on Friday, October 14 @ 23:00:07 UTC by admin

Catching up with Riverside they recently announced that they will continue as a trio without a permanent guitarist, using friends who are session guitarists - and are preparing to record a new album. In the meantime, the band are releasing the previously announced and featured (but not yet reviewed) Eye Of The Soundscape, which comes out on October 21 (listen to "Where The River Flows" linked below). According to the band, they intend to play their first gig in February 2017 (the one year anniversary of guitarist Piotr's untimely death.

Also in the meantime, Mariusz Duda is one part of the trio Meller/Golyźniak/Duda, who release Breaking Habits on November 18. The first single is "Feet On The Desk," which you can hear below. And Michał Łapaj is embarking on a solo project for which he has already begun studio work.

[Source: Riverside]

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