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Artist News: Saga's Story To End In 2017

Posted on Saturday, January 21 @ 14:00:14 UTC by admin

Canadian prog rock group Saga announced this past Thursday that 2017 would mark the end of their story as a band. The full press release is below. The band will tour during their "farewell" year, with dates already scheduled for February/March in Canada, April in Europe, and a quartet (so far) of festival appearances in June and August (dates shown below).

Saga's story started in 1977 with their first, self-titled, release coming out in 1978. Images At Twilight came out a year later. I recall in an article, published around 1991 in some magazine, the title of which that I no longer remember, that this album was listed as being recommended to prog fans. From there I became a Saga fan - though my reviewing activities have not kept up (I also used that list to further my prog explorations).

Their fourth album, 1981's World's Apart, spawned the track "On The Loose." Of everything in their ouevre, this seems to be the only one heard on general classic rock stations (certainly, it's the only Saga song I've heard on, for example, Classic Rewind... or even on LA's KLOS). I'd venture to say more folks have heard and know this song than know it's Saga. ["Say... isn't that Loverboy?" "Erm, no. That's a different song with the word 'loose' in it" -imaginary conversations ed.]. A live album followed, In Transit, and, not to cut short this story, but a further 29 albums have been released! (including live and compilations) Only two of which do not include Michael Sadler on vocals (2009's Human Condition, and 2011's live release Head Or Tales Live; both feature Rob Moratti on vocals). Matching Sadler for longevity are Ian (guitars) and Jim Crichton (bass), who have been on every Saga album; and keyboardist Jim Gilmour has been on nearly every album as well. While not currently with the band, drummer Steve Negus is a large part of the Saga saga. The current, and I guess final, lineup is: Sadler (vocals), Jim Crichton (bass, keyboards), Ian Crichton (lead guitar), Gilmour (keyboards, clarinet, vocals) and Mike Thorne (drums, vocals).

On September 30, Saga released their 30th official release, Live In Hamburg, a 2CD set recorded April 28, 2015 when they played at the Fabrik. The tracklisting includes fan favorites like "You're Not Alone," "Hot To Cold," "On The Loose" (of course!), and "Don't Be Late," as well tracks from their latest studio album, 2014's Sagacity ("I'll Be," "On My Way").

Saga On Tour:

2017-02-17 -- Ville D’alma Spectacles, Alma, QC, CA
2017-02-18 -- Cabaret La Saguenéenne , Chicoutimi, QC, CA
2017-02-19 -- Salle Jean-Paul Tardif , Quebec, QC, CA
2017-02-22 -- Salle Desjardins-Telus , Rimouski, QC, CA
2017-02-23 -- Centre Des Arts Juliette Lassonde De Saint-Hyacinthe , Saint Hyacinthe, QC, CA
2017-03-10 -- Regent Theatre, Oshawa, Ontario CA
2017-04-21 -- Spirit Of 66, Verviers, BE
2017-04-22 -- Sport Und Kulturhalle, Tholey, DE
2017-04-23 -- Colos-Saal, Aschaffenburg, DE
2017-04-24 -- Spectrum Club, Augsburg, DE
2017-04-26 -- Kaminwerk, Memmingen, DE
2017-04-27 -- Der Hirsch, Nürnberg, DE
2017-04-28 -- Die Kantine, Köln, DE
2017-04-29 -- De Pul, Uden, NL
2017-06-16 -- Bassum-Open-Air, Bassum, DE
2017-06-23 -- Burg Neuleiningen, Neuleiningen, DE
2017-06-24 -- Blacksheep Kulturinitiative Bonfeld e.V, Bad Rappenau, DE
2017-08-11 -- Cannafest 2017, Grand Forks, BC, CA

[Source: Saga website (graphic, tour dates)]

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