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Festival News: Trinity Live 2017 Completes Line-up

Posted on Saturday, January 21 @ 15:48:33 UTC by admin

As reported by Prog magazine*, they - in the form of editor Jerry Ewing - will host Trinity Live 2017 to benefit Cancer Research UK, Teenage Cancer Trust and Macmillan Cancer Support. Artists performing at this one day event, to be held May 27 at The Assembly in Leaminton Spa, are: A Formal Horse, Dec Burke Band, Ghost Community, Lonely Robot, Kim Seviour, and Touchstone. This is a charity auction event, so folks can bid on unique, signed and rare items from bands/artists such as Yes, Asia, Steve Hackett, Roger Dean, Steven Wilson, Rush, Magnum, Marillion, Rodney Matthews and more...

"We are utterly delighted to have these amazing musical acts join the festival," say the Trinity team [in Jan 17 post]. "We are sure they need no introduction but trust us, you will be enthralled! Let’s get The Assembly rammed full of people, make some new friends, make some great memories and help to make a difference."

In an earlier post about the event: "We have the lineup complete and we have many special events going on throughout the day. The day will be split in to 3 parts – the afternoon session, the evening session and the after show [at the Zephyr].

"We are also delighted to announce that the headline act will be the amazing Lonely Robot. This is an exclusive as it will be first public performance of the all new, yet to be released, Lonely Robot II album. As many of you know, their performance in London in December 2015 was a sell out and featured a fantastic stage show. This full production will also be brought to the Trinity stage. To top it off, we can also announce that Touchstone and Ghost Community, will be part of the evening session. Three rocking bands to get you dancing in the aisles.

"The afternoon bands will be announced very soon. [not yet noted, but among those named above -ed.] The after show party will have a very special guest live performance plus one of Jerry Ewing’s infamous DJ sets. A fantastic way to end a fantastic day with the bands and the organisers! Jerry will have you bouncing around that dance floor, we promise.

"With your amazing support, the first Trinity show enabled the organisers to donate £12,000 amongst three cancer charities, and next year we want to smash that figure out of the ball park. Each and everyone of us has been exposed to someone who has dealt with cancer so let’s pull together and help raise some serious money to allow amazing organisations to fight this vile disease.

"Get them while they’re hot and please, let’s light up social media and make this an event that will shine brightly for years to come and which will continue to raise more money, every year it takes place. Through music, through love, through adversity, together we can all make a real difference."

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[Source: Prog ]

*we are happy to say that Prog and sister music publications were saved from their untimely death by being purchased by Future (which had previously published some of those titles before selling them off). The news of TeamRock's going into "administration" after encountering financial difficulties hit just before the Christmas holiday; editorial staff were laid off and publication ceased. But Future picked up the titles who will resume operations - see the TeamRock website for details. And just for the record, we (that is to say, I) are Prog readers and were at first saddened by December's news; gladdened by January's news.

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