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CD/DVD Releases: Fabio Zuffanti Releases Solo EP

Posted on Friday, June 01 @ 06:36:50 UTC by nightowl

Fabio Zuffanti, known for his work with Finisterre, La Maschera Di Cera, LaZona, Hostsonaten and others, has released his first solo ep, Pioggia E Luce. The ep is a mix of orchestrated pieces and subtle pieces, in styles of electronica, postrock, psychedlia... "Of fundamental importance," reads the press release (in Italian, so this is my best Google-generated translation :-) ), "is the search of an [...] atmosphere suspended between dream and truth, that is revealed and influenced by [sounds of nature and surroundings like the sound of...] snow, asphalt, the rain, the mud, the closets [?], the treaded on leaves, the stones, [...] the earthquakes of the spirit..." Pioggia E Luce (Rain And Light) is released through Marsiglia Records.

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