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CD/DVD Releases: Galileo Records News

Posted on Saturday, June 09 @ 18:34:19 UTC by nightowl

Galileo Records announced the release date for Heart Of Sun's Heart Of Sun will be August 28, 2007. To help spread the word, visit Galileo's new Streetteam section of their website.

"Heart Of Sun is an exceptional Melodic Progressive Metal band, technical, dark brooding, their intensity is quite infectious, bringing forth exactly what we look for in a great new band ... Great vocals, masterful technical abilities and memorable music pulled together and slow roasted in great production."

Heart Of Sun are:
Pino Tozzi - vocals
Gianluca Ferro - guitar
Mark Vikar - strings
Davide Betelli - bass
Sigfrido Percich - drums

1. Res Amissa
2. The Last Experiment
3. Evil Tree
4. 1026ad.net
5. Into The Black Hole
6. Proxima Centauri
7. The Invention Of God
8. Solar Wind
9. Sea of Tranquillity

Also, Galileo announced the start of a compilation page called freeprog. There you'll find a free package with one full song DRM free / 256 kbps for the following bands: BELIEVE / T / EX-VAGUS / XANG / HEART OF SUN / PRISMA

You can listen to the songs or follow the myspace link to get more information.

Download the package for free and tell your friends about this page. Don't hesitate to give some feedback, we appreciate this a lot.

[Source: Galileo Records newsletter & website]

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