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CD/DVD Releases: New And Upcoming Releases From Nightmare Records

Posted on Saturday, June 09 @ 21:44:37 UTC by nightowl

In addition to Pownd - Circle Of Power and Suspyre - A Great Divide, there are a few other new releases out now or out soon from www.nightmarerecords.com:

Nightmare Records is gearing up for the fourth Evil Masquerade album coming in 2008, and in doing so are going to release their third album to North America and begin to build the band's presence here. "Though this album was released in Europe and Japan in 2006, this album is ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT and has gone relatively unnoticed in our Territory," says Nightmare owner Lance King.

Here's a review snippet from the European media: ROCK REPORT - Henrik Flyman, known for his work with Moahni Moahna and Wuthering Heights, and company. The disc largely exceeds its predecessors! Recorded at Jailhouse Studios by Tommy Hansen and Flyman himself with Apollo Papathanasio on vocals. Keyboards were done by guest musicians Richard Andersson (Space Odyssey, Time Requiem) and David Rosenthal (Rainbow, Whitesnake, Steve Vai, Red Dawn). The band's progress on this album is remarkable. Papathanasio voice is much more impressive and versatile than Brockmann and the song material is of a very high and constant level. Third Act offers everything from slow, Black Sabbath reminding tracks to really fast, neo-classical, Malmsteen inspired tunes. Brilliant Melodic and progressive, fresh yet familiar sounding metal.

The second, is Grand Lux - Carved In Stone, which was released June 5. Brand new release that is straight from Norway; a fantastic full blown aggressive Heavy Metal release, with oldschool influences, but yet not sounding dated. Fat but not over produced and good song writing helps these riffy and some what dark songs sink deep into your memory. Inspired by classic bands such as; Dio, Kiss, Ozzy Osbourne and Judas Priest, Black Sabbath... FANS OF THESE ARE SURE TO BE PLEASED. Mid tempo grooves sung with heart and conviction, these guys have a message to spread. Killer Heavy Rock/Metal hybrid.

Track List:
01 1000 Paper Cranes
02 Fallen Angel
03 Escaping The Clouds
04 Eye Of The Storm
05 Through Dirt
06 Like Hail From Blue Sky
07 Love Reflection
08 Never Fall
09 Eternity In Fire
10 Rainbow?s End

and BONUS, it includes a killer video clip for "Escaping The Clouds"! http://youtube.com/watch?v=6nje44mOxeQ

Gemini - Gemini (1990), Gemini - Out For Blood (1992). Both will be re-released on September 18, 2007 with new artwork (still being developed). This is the first group Nightmare Records owner, vocalist Lance King, recorded and released any music with. This band produced 2 full length albums during his tenure. Gemini started as a cover band, they played the upper midwest circuit for several years before going to originals, their material was an interesting combination of hard rock roots and Metal . Both albums are well balanced between Heavy rock songs and Metal songs. In some early reviews of their material they were called a combination of "Van Halen meets Joe Satriani in an alley with Queensryche and Metallica;" an interesting but accurate description.

Lance went on to become the vocalist of The King's Machine, Balance Of Power, Pyramaze, doing side projects along the way with Rolf Munkes, Empire, Defyance, Mattsson, Shining Star, and now singing with Avian and Krucible. These first Gemini albums are RARE CLASSICS to be charished. Soon Nightmare will Re-Issue these 2 classics now in a DOUBLE CD with new artwork and digitally remastered, with additional liner notes written by Lance, & some cool memorabilia and a NEVER RELEASED BONUS TRACK!!

The self-titled debut from Heart Of Sun will see it's North American release August 28th, 2007 (it'll be out in Europe from Galileo Records in Switzerland on the same day).

An amazing new Italian band formed from the ashes of other great bands, fusing their talents to make a new melodic progressive power metal group, with their own spin on what that should sound like. The basic idea for forming Heart of Sun springs from the meeting of five artistic personalities which share the love for sound research, the energy of metal, the progressive atmospheres and a little hint of psychedelic, a bit of Jazz. After significant musical experiences that lead the guitarist to record and release albums with several metal bands - Doomsword, Time Machine, Power Symphony Beholder - and they begin to work together, united by a strong synergy. The band realized they already knew a great vocal-talent in Pino Tozzi. Pino set out to enrich the work with the creation of the vocals. The drawing up of the concept-piece is ready.

In early 2007 the band signed a deal Nightmare Records for North America (US, Canada and Mexico) and the debut album is scheduled for release August 28th.

And finally, Scelerata's Dark And Light, which will be out August 7. There is a pre-order, customer appreciation discount offer, so check the Nightmare Records site for details. Sharing the stage with Edguy, Angra, Deep Purple and Roy Z, the press have given brilliant reviews for the Darkness And Light album and shows, with the "Eminence" video clip showing up at many TV programs, in Brazil and Japan!

METALVOX (Brasil) 10/10
ROCK BRIGADE (Brazil) 85/100
ROCKINGBOY.DE 75/100 (Germany) (It's a must have for all ANGRA fans and lovers of that genre!)
MUSIKANSICH.DE 15/20 (Germany) (To sum up: a good debut album that keeps us hoping for more!)
OSNAMETAL.DE 4/5 (Germany) (This band smashes us with everything they can deliver and sets the basics for a lot more! )
METALTOINFINITY.COM 89/100 (die-hard Prog / Power Metal fans better start looking for it, you will have no spite of it at all! )
HARDROCKHOUSE.COM 87/100 (Scelerata have unleashed a debut of dazzling, spectacular and exhilarating hard rock brilliance!)
Scream Magazine: 5/6 (Norway)

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