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Festival News: Black Bonzo Announced For RoSFest 2008

Posted on Saturday, June 09 @ 21:52:52 UTC by nightowl

The Rites of Spring Festival is pleased to announce Swedish art rock band Black Bonzo in their US debut as the second band on Sunday [May 4, 2008].

[As many of you already know ('cuz with this item, we're sorta late to the party):] RoSfest is pleased to announce our first band for 2008, Black Bonzo. Hailing from Skellefte?, Sweden, Black Bonzo is a six piece band formed in 2003 from the remains of psychedelic band Gypsy Sons of Magic. They released their demo soon after forming, and their debut album in summer 2004. Their follow up album, Sound Of The Apocalypse will be released June 8 and has already received great reviews. They will be playing the second slot on Sunday, and we are excited to welcome to the RoSfest stage!

Be sure to go to the RoSfest website and view the Black Bonzo video: rosfest.com/Performers-2008/Black_Bonzo.htm

Trust us when we say you will love their new CD coming out on June 8th!

- George Roldan & Tom Smith

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