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Artist News: A New Era For SBB

Posted on Wednesday, June 13 @ 04:51:20 UTC by nightowl

As reported by Metal Mind: From now on the trio SBB will play in a new line-up: J?zef Skrzek, Apostolis Anthimos, and Gabor Nemeth. Gabor is known from his work with Hungarian bands Scorpi? and P. Mobil.

In this line-up SBB will enter Zbigniew Preisner's studio this Summer to record material for their new studio album. The follow up to the New Century album from 2005 is scheduled for an October release. Soon after its premiere the band will hit the road to play several gigs in Poland. The highlight of the tour will take place at Wyspianski Theatre in Katowice, where SBB will record the show for the purposes of their future live DVD release.

The final decision about the line-up changes was made during the recent gig in the Słowianin Club in Szczecin (Poland). It was only their third concert with the new line-up but the warm reception proved it was the right step. SBB's fans always remember the times when Jerzy Piotrowski was a part of the band.

Skrzek: "Due to health problems, he couldn't be a part of SBB anymore, so taking Gabor on the board is for them like a dream come true. New line-up means more dynamic and rock sound of SBB. It's very likely that we will start to play older songs in their original arrangements without improvisation on the theme. It was a huge surprise for us that Gabor, SBB's fan for years now, knows the album versions of the songs so well."

SBB is with no doubt a legend of Polish music scene. The band started in 1971 as Silesian Blues Band, then the musicians played for 2 years with Czesław Niemen in his group Niemen, to finally return as SBB in 1974. From that moment on, the three letters have meant Search-Break-Build. Till 1980, J?zef Skrzek, Apostolis Anthimos and Jerzy Piotrowski have recorded dozens of albums in Poland and abroad, they gave hundreds of concerts all around Europe, sharing stages with Bob Marley (Roskilde Festival '78), Elton John, Soft Machine, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Charles Mingus Dynasty, Jack Bruce Group, Thin Lizzy, Canned Heat, Omega or Klaus Szultze.

In the early 90s they returned in an extended line-up after almost 10-year break to play a series of concerts in USA. Another comeback took place in 1998, when Jerzy Piotrowski was replaced by Miroslaw Muzykant. 2 years later the drums were taken over by Paul Wertico, acclaimed as one of the best drummers in the world. For the previous 18 years he performed with Pat Metheny Group (on albums: First Circle, The Falcon And The Snowman, Still Life Talking, Letter From Home, Secret Story, The Road To You, We Live Here, Quartet, Imaginary Day).

SBB started with blues, but fascinated with Mahavishnu Orchestra soon began to search for new means of expression. Gradually, music became more and more lyrical, and the band started to join wild, Hendrix-line energy with peaceful, gentle, calm moments. The band has soon worked out their own model of prog-rock, in which they skilfully mixed elements of classical music with jazz-rock instrumental frenzy. The albums that followed showed the band's perfect evolution, bringing grand and marvelous music.

SBB - Anthology 1974-2004 box and Lost Tapes, Vol. 1, Lost Tapes, Vol.2 were a certain summary of their career so far. The 2004 releases, especially the anthology, were received with real enthusiasm. It was the final "pro" for recording a new album New Century and the world tour. J?zef Skrzek, Apostolis Anthimos and Paul Wertico set to work on the record. In June 2005, New Century 2005 World Tour, Part 1 hit several cities in Poland, Hungary and Czech Republic. Sold out gigs and fantastic reception of new compositions proved that SBB were still at their best. The tour's final gig took place in Międzyzdroje at the Celerity Festival, during which the band was given Platinum Album award for the sale of SBB - Anthology 1974-2004. Then the band entered Zbigniew Preisner's studio in Niepołomice to record New Century. The album was made with the help of Mack - a world-famous producer, who had worked with Queen, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin. It was the first album in Poland recorded in Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound. Soon after releasing New Century album the band gave 3 great shows in Poland. The last one from Wyspianski Theatre in Katowice was recorded for the first DVD of SBB as a trio Skrzek-Wertico-Apostolis. Year 2006 marks their appearance as a support for the two Deep Purple shows in Poland. In March 2006, SBB headlined Baja Prog Festival, one of the most important progressive festivals in the world.

Before SBB enters the studio to record the new album, J?zef Skrzek will perform live: on 25th August during an electronic music festival in Yellowstone (US) and on 1st September during the film music festival in Greece (along with Zbigniew Preisner).

In August 2007 Metal Mind Productions will release a 20-CD box with complete Skrzek's solo discography starting from the 70s till today. The anthology will include electro-rock tracks, film music etc. Ambitus Extended album feat. Tomasz Szukalski will make for a real treat for the fans.

This Autumn certainly belongs to SBB! More details to follow soon!

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