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Festival News: RPWL Announced For RoSfest 2008

Posted on Wednesday, October 03 @ 02:14:24 PDT by nightowl

In 2004 RPWL played at the inaugural RoSfest and returns to celebrate our fifth year as our third band in front of Circa. As many of you may remember, they gave one of the best performances RoSfest has ever seen.

The current line up of Yogi Lang: Vocals, Keyboards, Kalle Wallner: Guitars, Chris Postl: Bass Guitar, Taurus Pedals, Manni M?ller: Drums & Markus Jehle: Keyboards is a German progressive rock band that was formed in 1997 as a Pink Floyd cover band. They make melodious music, well written songs and layered soundscapes that draws the listener in. Since the bands inception they have released 4 studio albums and one live album called Start The Fire. RPWL just released a new album entitled 9 that was released on 9/9/2007.

9 is a compilation including 5 previously unreleased live songs and 4 brand new solo songs from Yogi Lang, Chris Postl, Manni M?ller and Kalle Wallner, recorded together by the band. Those studio-tracks are representing the different influences in the band. 9 will be released in a limited edition of 999 CDs and will only be available from their website. A new studio album is being planned for 2008 and scheduled to be released in late February, 2008 just in time for RoSfest! If you are a big RPWL fan make sure you attend RoSfest in 2008.

RoSfest is honored to have RPWL return to our stage in 2008.

RPWL Myspace website http://profile.myspace.com/rpwl

Be sure to head on over to the RoSfest website and check out the RPWL page rosfest.com/Performers-2008/RPWL.htm.

[Source: George Roldan & Tom Smith/RoSFest]

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