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Festival News: Liquid Tension Experiment To Headline NEARfest X!

Posted on Friday, October 05 @ 02:56:10 PDT by nightowl

"We are very pleased to announce the Saturday night headliner for NEARfest X ? Liquid Tension Experiment! The supergroup consisting of Mike Portnoy, John Petrucci, Jordan Rudess, and Tony Levin are reconvening and preparing to tear the roof off of Zoellner Arts Center next June. Portnoy and Petrucci are founding members of progressive metal's 5-headed monster, Dream Theater, and have won accolades from fans and critics alike for their prowess on the drum kit and guitar, respectively. Rudess is was previously known for his blazing keyboard work with the Dixie Dregs and the Rudess/Morgenstein Project and joined Dream Theater officially after the second Liquid Tension Experiment album sessions. Tony Levin needs no introduction ? Stick and bass maestro, two-time NEARfest alum, and play with everyone from King Crimson to Peter Gabriel to Yes to Sarah McLachlan.

Liquid Tension Experiment's two studio albums, Liquid Tension Experiment (1998) and Liquid Tension Experiment 2 (1999), are filled to the brim with everything from blazing, chops-laden sonic attacks ("Paradigm Shift") to melodic anthems ("When The Water Breaks") to humorous jams ("Chris And Kevin's Excellent Adventure"). The improvisational nature in the writing sessions permitted the band to stretch out to many different influences, including rock, metal, prog, funk, blues and even ragtime. It is a great honor to host this ensemble of legendary, virtuoso players on the NEARfest stage for our 10th anniversary.

Visit http://www.nearfest.com for more!"

In addition to the two reviews linked above, there are two others reviews on our site: Jeff Keifling reviewed LTE and John "Bobo" Bollenberg reviewed LTE2. Also, Magna Carta released on September 25 Spontaneous Combustion (US/Europe), a CD from Liquid Trio Experiment (Levin, Portnoy, Rudess) that includes a collection of live jams recorded during the sessions for LTE2; Petrucci was called away from the sessions as his wife had gone into premature labor a few days into the recording sessions - the remaining trio spent the "downtime" recording these jams.

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