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Artist News: Hogarth Live In Italy

Posted on Sunday, October 07 @ 18:48:39 PDT by nightowl

Steve Hogarth with Marillion live at House Of Blues LA Sept 2004On October 6, Steve Hogarth (Marillion's singer) did a solo performance in Cervia, Italy in his "H Natural - solo voice and piano" series. This event was extra special because it was simultaneously broadcast in Second Life, allowing his fans from all over the world to virtually attend the gig.

Just as in real life, Steve's virtual counterpart stepped onto the stage and sat at the grand piano, which was lit by candlelight. The virtual fans were able to hear Hogarth's entire performance live, as it was broadcast into Second Life using an audio stream.

The event was a great succes. The fans in Second Life almost beat the real life fans in cheering, clapping, and shouting for songs. Many people said the concert in Second Life was "bizarre but brilliant."

View pictures of the virtual Steve Hogarth and read about the new virtual Marillion fan club in Second Life on www.prog-news.com at Steve Hogarth (Marillion) live in Second Life.

[Source: Jean-Pascal van der Endt/www.prog-news.com]

[Photo: ? 2004 Stephanie Sollow (H w/Marillion at HOB, LA)]

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