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CD/DVD Releases: Tempest Announce The Release Of ''Lief's Birthday Bash''

Posted on Sunday, October 14 @ 02:52:01 PDT by nightowl

"We're delighted to announce the release of our newest CD, Lief's Birthday Bash, recorded at Ashkenaz last March. This CD features some of the best live recordings of Tempest ever made, and a few spicy tracks from Caliban and Golden Bough as well. The CD is now available at our concerts, and by mail order through our website, www.tempestmusic.com/html/cdorder.

"Next year will be Tempest's 20th Anniversary and we plan to celebrate our fabulous adventures with a two day KARFLUKI FEST, May 3rd and 4th, at Gold Country Fairgrounds in Auburn, CA. On Friday, November 16th, Tempest will perform a rare Acoustic Show at The Freight & Salvage in Berkeley as a fundraiser for KARFLUKI FEST. Come out and give us your support!


More about Lief's Birthday Bash:

"On a Friday evening, March 23, 2007, Lief got together with a bunch of friends and band-mates past and present. The capacity crowd was treated to a very special evening ? a unique concert experience featuring everything from the acoustic sounds of Golden Bough and Caliban, to the high energy Celtic Rock of Tempest!

"This CD commemorates that wonderful evening; it was LIEF?S 50th BIRTHDAY CONCERT."


For Three Of Us
Country Life
?r? Mo Bh?id?n
The Midnight Sun
Flowers Of Red Hill
Buffalo Jump
Old Man At The Mill
Handsome Molly
Slippery Slide
Cat In The Corner
Wizard's Walk

Bonus Tracks:

The Moving-On Song
The Serb
Lady Howard's Walk
Never Tire Of the Road


Lief Sorbye: Lead Vocals, MandoGuitar, Double-neck Mandolin, Harmonica, with . . .
Sue Draheim: Fiddle, track 1, 3, 7, 8; Vocals, track 1, 7
Margie Butler: Celtic Harp, track 3, 4; Vocals, track 2, 4
Paul Espinoza: Guitar, track 3, 4; Vocals, track 2, 4
Michael Mullen: Fiddle, track 4 - 6, 9 -16; Vocals, track 6, 11, 13, 14, 16
Adolfo Lazo: Drums, track 5 - 12
James Crocker: Guitar, track 5, 6, 9 -16
Damien Gonzalez: Bass, track 5 -12; Vocals, track 6, 11
Ronan Carroll: Guitar, track 7 -11; Vocals, track 7, 9

[Source: Tempest and Tempest website]

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