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Artist News: Forgotten Suns Arise Again, Open For Queensryche and Fish...

Posted on Sunday, October 14 @ 08:00:00 PDT by nightowl

Forgotten Suns write in their newsletter that they'll be opening for both Queensryche and Fish in November and December when each of those artists play in Portugal. "Yes, it's true," FS write. "The legendary Queensryche will hit Portugal for the first time and Forgotten Suns will be the opening act! We feel very proud of being invited to open for one of the best bands in the world, Operation Mindcrime and Empire are still top fave albums for us. The band will also repeat the opening act for Fish but this time in double concerts. There are also 2 more dates scheduled:

Forgotten Suns will open for Queensryche on November 19 at the Teatro S? Da Bandeira in Porto, PT and for Fish on December 5 at Aula Magna in Lisboa, PT and on December 6 at Europarque in St. Maria Da Feira, PT. FS will play two other shows alone, November 9 at Santiago Alquimista, Lisboa, PT and November 29 at In Live Caff?, Moita, PT.

All this with a new lead vocalist as well...

"On 28th March 2006 the band took the firm decision of part[ing] ways with Tiago Linx, the lead singer in the band since its foundation. It was becoming more than evident to us since we start[ed] the writings for this 3rd album that our musical relationship with him was changing and we were no longer a happy group together. We decided to move on forward without him... Tiago Linx is a fine musician, way beyond the singing but also [with] the lyrics. It's somehow strange to read the words of Snooze today to find how close he was [to giving] a personal biography on that album; there were too many things [that] we didn't identify ourselves with from a personal point of view... We believe the new musical aesthetic assumed on this new album was somehow separating us... We wish him good luck for the future.

"After this, the band decided to seek the next frontman; they did auditions, listened many cds, mp3s, net searching, ads and finally they pinpointed the singer Paulo 'The Snake' Pacheco on Youtube. Paulo was the lead singer of a prog-metal act called Unified Theory and on that video he was singing a song called: 'Change.' Surely he never imagined how much that song would change his life, but it did! After a great audition he was in the ranks and the band quickly started working on studio."

The 3rd album's name is still a secret, actually the band has 14 songs but some of it will not be included on the final edition, there's no decisions on the line-up yet:

[Potential track listing:]

Outside In
An Outer Of Body Experience
Nanoworld (3001)
The Hill
Phenotype (Garden of Creation)
The News
Mind Over Matter
Racing the Hours

The band has been in [the] studio since April, recording and producing a demo presentation of the album which was sent to labels a few days ago in order to sign a record deal. You can follow the activities, on a daily basis, by entering their blog: Making of the III

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