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Festival News: Flower Kings To Headline Sunday Night At RoSFest 2008

Posted on Tuesday, October 16 @ 06:16:39 PDT by nightowl

PPRC Music are proud to announce highly popular Swedish progressive rock group The Flower Kings as headliners for the final day of ROSfest 2008. The band, at first put together to be Roine Stolt's backing band while he was promoting his solo album The Flower King in 1993, evolved into a band project after that tour. In the 13 years following the end of that tour, The Flower Kings has established themselves as a household name in the progressive rock scene, being one of few bands pursuing this musical style today that have a wide commercial appeal. The Flower Kings are one of the most prolific progressive bands, releasing 10 studio albums, three live albums, and numerous solo and fan club albums over their history. They have played numerous festivals over the years, including CalProg in 2005, Symforce in Holland earlier this year and Prog in the Park in 2006. As of today The Flower Kings are Roine Stolt (guitars, vocals), Tomas Bodin (keyboards), Hasse Fr?berg (guitar, vocals) and Jonas Reingold (bass). The band is currently without a regular drummer. They are now out of the studio and just released their latest album, The Sum Of No Evil, at the end of September and will be featuring tracks from this album, as well as their previous hits and they are now ready to come stateside at RoSfest 2008.

Be sure to head on over to the RoSfest website and check out the Flower Kings page rosfest.com/Performers-2008/Flower_Kings.htm

A second press release was also issued, as follows: "RoSfest wanted to make their fifth year special. So topping the Sunday will be a cherry that is the granddaddy of them all.

"The coordinators of this festival have secured one of the greatest live acts ever known to the genre of Progressive Rock. While their albums are stupendous, nothing compares to their concerts. With such a prolific nature, they spit out one album after the other. Only when they tour does their material fully gel.

"Don't get me wrong; they have some of the best epics ever heard and their fans are fanatics. Yet, you haven't lived in the Progressive Rock sense of the word unless you've watched them perform.

"Honestly, it would take a thesis to document what this band has done to its viewers. The phrase 'to rant and rave' was specifically created to describe anomalies such as them.

"Hot off two releases: A compilation of remixed favorites and a new slew of harmonious works of arts, they are now out of the studio and ready to come stateside for our benefit.

"RoSfest has been prestigious in the past while still continuing to gain ground. With bands such as RPWL, The Tangent, Arena, and Spock's Beard in their logs, there was only one band they could bring in to top themselves. Forced into a corner, it appears as if they went for a knockout punch.

"What is the band already you may ask?

"Thanks to the coordinators of RoSfest, The Flower Kings will be rocking in the USA come May 2008.

"Now let the discussion boards light up!

"~Josh Turner, Loyal Fan of The Royal Gardeners"

[Source: 1. George Roldan & Tom Smith/RoSFest; 2. Joshua Turner]

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