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CD/DVD Releases: Ted Leonard (Enchant) Releases Solo CD

Posted on Sunday, October 21 @ 21:07:31 PDT by nightowl

Enchant vocalist Ted Leonard has released his first solo album, Way Home. Says Leonard at his MySpace site (www.myspace.com/tedleonard), "Started singing in utero. Was in various church choirs growing up. I have been the lead singer of the progresive rock group Enchant since 1992. We have 7 studio albums and have been on numerous tours and such. I released an album with Paul Craddick (Enchant's original drummer) a few years ago under the band name Xen. More recently I appear as the lead singer for the band Thought Chamber on a release entitled Angular Perceptions. All this time I have been wanting to make an album for God alone and inspired by my convictions. Well, it's finally here and entitled Way Home. Hope you all enjoy it!!!"

Available from CDBaby.

Tracklisting: "Way Home," "Submerged," "Once A Week," "Thank You," "Hold The Wind," "Just For Me," "Who Do You Say He Is?," "Not Me," "Broken Tools," "See No Evil," "Take This Cup," "Resolve," "The Name Of God," "Ghost Pains"

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