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Artist News: Katagory V Announce Imagika Singer To Fill In At CD Release Show

Posted on Monday, October 22 @ 00:30:00 PDT by nightowl

Sheri, who publishes the Katagory V e-newsletter, included the following posting from the band regarding their upcoming album release show ("Well, this is a bit of a suprise to hear about," she notes. "[I]t is what it is I guess ... the guys didn't say anything else on this other than what you read below. Eitherway, it's good to know they got Norm to help out, he will be excellent fit for this show! Can't wait to see see it!"):

Due to unforeseen circumstances, vocalist Lynn Allers will not be performing with Katagory V at the band's CD release show in Salt Lake City, UT on October 27th. Filling in for Allers at the event will be singer Norman Skinner, lead vocalist for the Bay Area-based speed/thrash metal band Imagika.

Katagory V bassist Dustin Mitchell had this to say 'We had a pretty big list of vocalists that we felt could jump in quick and do this dirty job, many of which happen to be pretty heavy hitters and surprised us in actually getting back to us and offering to help us out! But at the end of the day, it came down to a select few that actually had the time, and Norm was at the top. We have actually known Norm for several years, We've shared the stage with Imagika, and have seen him perform; He is a long-time friend, an extremely versatile and professional front man, and is known to be a "Heavy Metal Chameleon"; We flew him out for a rehearsal, and I can confidently say he is definitely more than qualified to pull it off. We are very excited to have him on the microphone belting out our songs for this show!'

When asked about the invitation to perform with Katagory V, Norman Skinner said, 'I have been friends with Katagory V for quite some time, I was honored to be considered as one of the vocalists to fill in temporarily. All the musicians are accomplished and they write great songs. I'm looking forward to the CD release show in Salt Lake and hope all Katagory V and Imagika fans in the area enjoy it.'

At the time of this announcement, the members of Katagory V had given no comment concerning long-time front man Lynn Allers absence from the upcoming performance.

Katagory V's 4th and latest album Hymns Of Dissension is available in stores now, and was released September 25th in Europe via Burning Star Records, and recently released on October 9th in the U.S. and Canada through Nightmare Records.

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