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Festival News: First Band For ProgPower 2008 Europe Confirmed

Posted on Monday, October 22 @ 02:15:00 PDT by nightowl

"We have booked the first band for our 10th anniversary next year -- Division By Zero from Poland, a very promising new band. [They] will do an exclusive performance in The Netherlands in 2008. This means that the band will do no other shows in The Netherlands at all in 2008.

From all the promos we already received. the promo of Division By Zero was an absolute highlight. We are sure that this band will surprise many people during ProgPower, this could be one of the highlights already for the festival. A relatively unknown band; if it has not changed before their performance at ProgPower, it will afterwords, for sure. Check out all the details of the band and listen to some of their music, you will be impressed.

Division By Zero are: Sławek "5th" Wierny - vocals; Mariusz "Rogol" Prętkiewicz - drums; Michał "Michael" Wieczorek - bass; Leszek "Lechu" Trela - guitars; Robert Gajgier ? key

They've released 2 EPs -- Code Of Soul (2004) and Out Of Body Experience (2005) -- and a full-length album Tyranny Of Therapy (2007, Insanity Records).

The tracklisting for Tyranny Of Therapy is "Evening," "True Peak," "Your Salvation," "Incinerated Wishes," "Night," "Deadline Meeting," "Self Control," and "Morning."

[More info about the band @ the PPEU site]

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