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Concerts: Fear Falls Burning Schedule Live Dates

Posted on Sunday, October 28 @ 23:00:00 PDT by nightowl

We're very happy to announce that Fear Falls Burning will team up with UK's Jesu for his European tour throughout December 2007. The group have a pair of albums just out with another on the way. The first teams FFB with Birchville Cat Motel for a self-titled collaboration. "A collaboration that meant to happen. Fear Falls Burning teams up with New Zealand's Birchville Cat Motel for 1 single long track displaying their fascination for the metallic and slow expanding drone. Made with guitars, amps, processing and subtle percussion, this album brought out the best in each other and is a lively, pulsating, moody and intense drone manifest. Released on Conspiracy Records."

The second is First By A Whisper, Then By A Storm, a special limited edition release. "It took Fear Falls Burning by surprise when an interesting European went ahead in early 2005, without any release to backup the concerts. Fear Falls Burning was in the very early recording stage of He Spoke In Dead Tongues so that a swift plan awoke to release an unofficial tour CD. First By A Whisper, Then By A Storm was a self released CD and featured exclusively recorded material and some excerpts from the He Spoke In Dead Tongues sessions.

"By surprise, a limited number of copies of the original CD have surfaced from the FFB vaults. They are part of First By A Whisper, Then By A Storm / Special Edition, the 3rd Tonefloat/Ikon joint venture, that unites the lost CD discs with an exclusive 180 grams black vinyl album, which features the first recordings ever under the Fear Falls Burning banner, music that established the transformation from the late vidnaObmana to the guitar drones of Fear Falls Burning. The limited edition of 136 numbered copies only completes the circle and acknowledges the link but simultaneously shows how Fear Falls Burning grew as a wilful entity out from the ashes of vidnaObmana."

Forthcoming is When Mystery Prevades The Well, The Promise Sets Fire, and LP to be released in December 2007 by Tonefloat. "When Mystery Prevades The Well, The Promise Sets Fire is the first in a series of brand new studio drones Fear Falls Burning is currently recording. With its highlight being the full-length studio album Frenzy Of The Absolute for the Belgian Conspiracy Records, scheduled for release in 2008, this exclusive vinyl for Tonefloat is the initiation of a change in method and playing for Fear Falls Burning. Not only has he turned around his studio in order to accommodate the new performances, but the subtle incorporation of new elements will bring out an extra dimension in the vintage Fear Falls Burning drone. This LP features two pieces, one per side, that are equally harmonic as powerful. Fear Falls Burning's approach to playing the guitar chords changed, the production is different and the inclusion of guest musician Dave Van Der Plas on subtle cymbal percussion marks this new Tonefloat release as the first gentle step in Fear Falls Burning's further exploration of the drone."

[Source: FFB newsletter]

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