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Concerts: Solstice To Play For The Queen!

Posted on Monday, October 29 @ 00:30:00 PDT by nightowl

Solstice have been confirmed as one of the bands playing at the official opening of the Milton Keynes Stadium in the UK on 29/11/2007 in front of 20,000 people, including the Queen! They will be playing "New Life" for the Queen, plus a few tunes for the crowd once she leaves. Pictures of the band playing at the opening coming soon!

ProgRock.co.uk also reports that amongst their new CD offerings (Manning, Flower Kings, Riverside, others) is Hoggwash - The Last Horizon (GBP 9.99;with free CD-R of Hoggwash recordings!). "A throw back to the early 1970s! New band formed by Antony Kalugin of Karfagen fame and Will Mackie of Caerllysi Music, the CD includes music inspired by bands including Camel, Genesis, Pendragon, Focus, Saga, Pink Floyd, Uriah Heep and a number of others!"

[Source: ProgRock Records]

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