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Other: The Official ''Monuments Of Chaos'' 2008 Calendars Are In

Posted on Saturday, December 15 @ 07:25:00 UTC by nightowl

"It's the ONE major holiday item everyone has been clamoring for and it is NOW available," writes Scott Mosher. "The Monuments Of Chaos 2008 Calendar.

"Yes, these suckers are official 12-month, 28-page, full color calendars with image excerpts from the similarly titled book - Monuments of Chaos - which is still available as well. Full color graphics? Check. Day-marked holidays and points of note? Check. Moon phase denotations for you heathens out here? Check. Observance of National Fruitcake day? Double check! I know what you are thinking and you're right - it doesn?t get any better than this:


"Honestly, for the holidays, what more do you need? The book... the calendar... and if you are feeling generous pick up a few of my CD's as well - they make great stocking stuffers and even better permanent car stereo additions. So hit up the Monuments of Chaos website for the book and calendar or my personal website for the music and drive those babies right off the showroom floor.

"Happy holidays to everybody and everything and remember to leave the driving to the professionals."

[Source: Scott Mosher: artist | musician | allroundniceguy]

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