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Festival News: Nightwish, Gorgoroth Among Those Added To Wacken 2008 Lineup

Posted on Sunday, December 16 @ 03:18:58 UTC by nightowl

Nightwish are back at Wacken Open Air. Stronger and heavier than ever !!!!

The Finnish band around bandleader Tuomas Holopainen, which released their new album Dark Passion Play not long ago are starting a new era. With their new front lady, Anette Olzon, Nightwish are stronger than ever and their success gives them right. Be prepared for their unique performance at the W:O:A 2008 on August 2. Don't miss them!

Plus: The Force Gorgoroth come to Wacken. Gaahl and King are back and will present us a more heretic show at W:O:A 2008 than the legendary Krakow gig. Corvus Corax present Cantus Buranus Part 2. What once bagan in 2005 will get its sequel in 2008. Warbringer and Enemy of the Sun are two new bands coming to W:O:A for the first time.

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