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CD/DVD Releases: Suspyre Announces New Album Title And Track Listing

Posted on Sunday, March 02 @ 21:00:00 UTC by nightowl

New Jersey-based progressive metallers Suspyre announced live Saturday, February 16th the title and track listing of their new album, When Time Fades? on the Metallicious Mania online radio show with DJ ProgPowerGrrl. Their new single "Possession"'s debut was on the radio show. To listen to the interview and song you can go to their MySpace page, www.myspace.com/suspyre. Cover art for When Times Fades? can be seen here. The album will be released in late Summer 2008.

Gregg Rossetti, main composer, says about the album, "[This album] is groovier and the songs are diverse. There is less obnoxious double bass. It is more about colors and sounds and groove, rather than in your face metal. The guitars are more down tuned and heavier riffs, rather than epic. The other stuff we've done is more orchestral. There are orchestral parts to this album; it?s just not dominating the songs. It is there for color rather than being bombastic."

The album was recorded and mixed at Erypsus Studios in Whitehouse Station, New Jersey. Album artwork was done by Brazilian designer Gustavo Sazes (Firewind, Nightrage, Mystic Prophecy).

Suspyre released its second album, A Great Divide, in March 2007 on Lance King's (Balance Of Power, Pyramaze) label Nightmare Records, but due to the buyout of Navarre Distribution by Koch International, the CD's release date in the USA was delayed until September 11, 2007. Suspyre will be releasing a special edition of their first album, The Silvery Image on March 4, 2008, which will include the bonus track, "Crimson Shade."

When Time Fades... Track Listing:

01. Possession
02. Evolutions
03. Lighted Endrhyme
04. Maniac Main Point Check
05. Siren
06. Reign
07. Fallen Stars
08. A World With No Measures
09. The Light Of The Fire
10. Apparitions
11. Let Freedom Ring
12. Kirt? Dombul? Kumuda

[Source: Suspyre]

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