Thomen Stauch, David DeFeis And Axel Ritt To Join Forces
Date: Saturday, March 22 @ 05:42:41 UTC
Topic: Band News (tours, comings/goings, etc)

Thomen Stauch (drums; ex-Blind Guardian, Savage Circus, David DeFeis (vocals; Virgin Steele) and Axel Ritt (guitar; Domain) have joined forces in a new, as-yet-unnamed band. The group's musical direction will be "a combination of their musical backgrounds [to] give the fans exactly what they expect," according to a statement released to The band has already commenced the songwriting process for its debut album, which "will be an extraordinary fusion of power, speed, epic and symphonic metal elements." To round out the lineup, the band is still looking for a suitable bass player.

[Source: Robert, Rock N Roll Cola]

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