Lydia Laska Members Release Psychedelic Side Project
Date: Wednesday, June 18 @ 05:42:53 UTC
Topic: Album Release News

From June 8: This week saw the release of the Der M?kan?k Gr??ves mini-CD by the Norwegian band M?kan?k on Duplicate Records. Described by the label as "a trip into the un chartered territories of 'black space doom," the MCD comes in a limited edition of 1,000 copies.

M?kan?k was formed in 1999 by Lydia Laska vocalist Candy Whorehole and drummer Voldswagen (ex-Dismal Euphony) when they decided to do something with a couple of (in the band's words) "black prog rock" tunes that Whorehole had written. They were joined by Gehenna's Sanrabb on rhythm guitar, Briggs and ?tzy from the cover band Bob's Fried Black Sabbath on vocals and lead guitar, and Les Fleurs Du Mal's B?ddel on keyboards. The MCD itself was actually recorded in 2000, but didn't see the light of day until now due to the group's internal "problems."

Commented Voldswagen: "M?kan?k is something totally different from Lydia Laska, which is down and dirty punk. With M?kan?k we have given free rein to our more psychedelic natures. I think you could best describe the sound as what could have been the result if a black metal band had taken acid with '70s proggers like Van Der Graaf Generator and then had had sex with Black Sabbath." [uh...ok -ed.]

[Source: Robert, Rock N Roll Cola]

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