Orphan Project Calls It Quits
Date: Wednesday, October 25 @ 05:11:57 UTC
Topic: Band News (tours, comings/goings, etc)

According to a press release issued October 5:

Orphan Project has decided, based upon unexpected positive life changes, to call it quits. Shane Lankford, principle spokesperson and vocalist said, "We're not saying there will never be another CD by Orphan Project, but not anytime in the near future." Shane Lankford and Bill Yost (Bass) will be focusing their efforts in their new project Fall of Echoes, a collaborative effort with Rob Perez and Rick Mals of Visual Cliff. John Wenger will be focusing on his solo career. Scott Spivey (Guitars) will be focusing on his solo career and getting ready for the birth of his first child. Tony Correlli (Keyboards) will be focusing on the Deep End, his studio, and the birth of his 2nd child, and Tim Kehring (Drums) is enjoying life with his first child.

Shane and Bill's new artistic endeavor is a modern act with prog elements. The tracks are very radio friendly, but hold with the thinking man's motif. Please check out Fall of Echoes at www.fallofechoes.com. Surf there today and check out the new tracks for their latest release Red Tree, which was released September 25th, 2006.

[Source: Silent Planet Promotions]

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