Echo Us Releases Tracklist And An Audio Sample From ''The Tide Decides''
Date: Saturday, October 28 @ 20:46:47 UTC
Topic: Album Release News

Echo Us write: We have now updated the Echo Us website and a sample song ("State Of Expectation") from the sophomore release is posted:

The Tide Decides is a conceptual album and is being released in 2007 by Absolute Probility.


1. From Snow To Sea...
2. We Surfaced
3. Trans-Atlantic
4. State Of Expectation
5. Echo Us
6. The Tide Decides
7. Fantastic Elevations
8. Descending From The Dream
9. Shooting Scenes
10. Out At The Edge Of The World
11. ...And Sea to Sky (Bon Voyage)

Lever and Pedal Harp: Raelyn Olson
Viola: Teri Untalan
Bass Guitars: Aaron Bell
Ethan Matthews: All else

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