Quidam's ''Pod Niebem Czas'' Re-released As Definitive CD+DVD Edition
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Pod Niebem Czas -- the fourth instalment of Quidam reissues series from the first stage of the band's history, with Emilia Derkowska as the vocalist, enriched with a lot of bonus materials will be released on 9th March 2009 as a special edition with additional DVD.

Originally, the album was released in April 2002 and apart from Quidam's songs it also featured an absolutely astonishing cover version of Led Zeppelin's classic "No Quarter."

Shortly before the album came, Quidam had played three shows supporting German progressive band RPWL on their mini tour in Poland (the concerts took place in Poznan, Warsaw and Cracow). A few monthslater, in September 2002, the band went on a string of shows in Western Europe. Another form of acknowledgement of Quidam's mujsic was an invitation to the Rio Art Rock Festival in Brazil, which the band received in November 2002, not very long after coming back to Poland from the warmly applauded shows in Western Europe.

One month before playing in Brazil, there was an important change in Quidam's line-up -- the original bassist Radek Scholl was replaced by Damian Sikorski. With him on board, the Polish musicians played three very successful shows to the South American audience, supporting, among others, a great legend of progressive music, the Dutch band Focus.

At the beginning of 2003 after Quidam had come back to Poland from shows in Belgium and Holland, they started preparations for a special show in the band's hometown, Inowroclaw. As it turned out later, this performace was the last one of the band's line-up of that time. To a great surprise of fans, Emilia Derkowska decided to quit the band. On 16th February 2003 Emilia bid farewell to faithfull fans and fellow bandmembers during the sold out show in Teatr Miejski in Inowroclaw.

To make matters worse, a little bit later the rhythm section, Radek Sikorski and Rafal Jermakow, also parted ways with Quidam to focus on working with a band Menski.

Quidam's show in Teatr Miejski in Inowroclaw was captured by three digital non-professional cameras and it is now released for the first time!!!

It's definitely a must-have for the die-hard fans who are particularly fascinated by the music from the first period of the band's history, the more so that the legendary Camel bass player Colin Bass made a guest appearance on stage during that concert. Back in those days Quidam quite frequently collaborated with this renowned British progressive musician.

CD: Pod Niebem Czas (The Time Beneath The Sky):
1. List Z Pustyni I [Letter From The Desert I] 6:12
2. Ciągle Czekam (List Z Pustyni II) [Still Waiting (Letter From The Desert II] 4:48
3. No Quarter 11:44
4. Nowe Imię [New Name] 4:45
5. Kozolec (Dla AgaPe) [Kozolec (To AgaPe)] 5:00
-- Pod niebem czas (The Time Beneath The Sky]: -- 6. Credo I 8:04
7. Credo II 5:13
8. Jesteś (W Labiryncie Myśli) [You Are (In The Labyrinth Of Thoughts)] 4:31
9. Quimpromptu 9:35
10. (Wszystko Ma Sw?j) Pod Niebem Czas [(Everything Has Its Own) Time Beneath The Sky] 3:59

DVD: See Emily Play - Live Bootleg
1. List Z Pustyni I [Letter From The Desert I]
2. Jesteś (W Labiryncie Myśli) [You Are (In The Labyrinth Of Thoughts)]
3. Kozolec
4. Credo
5. Sanktuarium [Sanctuary]
6. Nowe Imię [New Name]
7. Ciągle Czekam (List Z Pustyni II) [Still Waiting (Letter From The Desert II]
8. Quimpromptu
9. The Dissident Song (feat. Colin Bass)
10. So Hard To Say Goodbye (feat. Colin Bass)
11. As Far As I Can See (feat. Colin Bass)
12. Goodbye To Albion (feat. Colin Bass)
13. Your Love Is Stranger Than Mine (feat. Colin Bass)
14. (Wszystko Ma Sw?j) Pod Niebem Czas [(Everything Has Its Own) Time Beneath The Sky]
15. Morelowy Sen [An Apple Dream]
16. Głęboka Rzeka [Deep River]
17. No Quarter
18. Łza [One Small Tear]
19. Jest Taki Samotny Dom [There Is Such A Lonesome House]

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