Look For Parzifal's Eye On September 9
Date: Sunday, August 16 @ 18:00:00 UTC
Topic: Album Release News

In a posting to the Pallas newsgroup Eyes In The Net, Alan Reed (the band's vocalist, if you didn't know), wrote"'Slowly turns the grinding wheel in The Court of The Crimson King' ... and in Pallas land too ... [refering to work on their new album, which proceeds apace -ed.]. Meanwhile, the Parzifal's Eye album [Fragments] -- solo project by RPWL bass-player Chris Postl, which features vocals from myself and Christina Booth of Magenta -- is finished and ready for release on the 9th of September. I've now got a copy and it's officially 'nae bad'. You can find out more about it and hear some tracks on the Parzifal's Eye MySpace. www.myspace.com/parzivalseye

"'Signs' and 'Fragments' are two with my voice on. There's also a couple of tracks that feature Tina. There's also a Facebook page: www.facebook.com/pages/Parzivals-Eye-PE/94687585883?ref=ts and a website: www.chris-postl.de"

And in RPWL related news, a live DVD was released this last June of their performance at the Wyspianski Theatre in Katowice ast part of Metal Mind's ProgRock 2009 festival. Also the band will perform the setlist from Pink Floyd's Animals tour of 1977 during a handful of dates in Poland and Germany. Those dates are:

Sep 16 - Bergkeller, Reichenbach, DE
Sep 17 - Andaluzja, Pielary, PL
Sep 18 - Scena Rozmaitosci, Poznan, PL
Sep 19 - Oslard, Konia, PL
Sep 20 - Progresja, Warszawa, PL
Oct 2 - Lindenfeller, Freising, DE

[Source: Eyes In The Net; Chris Postl website, RPWL website]

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