10T Gives Us A Peek ''Undercover''
Date: Sunday, August 16 @ 19:30:00 UTC
Topic: Album Release News

10T Records is excited to announce the pending release of the CD Undercover on September 15, 2009. Undercover is the label?s first compilation project, featuring never before heard performances from the 10T roster of artists.

The concept behind Undercover is simple. The label asked each of its artists to select a song by another artist that was influential in the development of their own musical identity; a composition that might not sound exactly like what that 10T Records artist has evolved into, but one that significantly inspired their creativity at some point in their musical past. The mission was then to not simply do a faithful cover of that song, but to reinterpret the tune such that it represented where the artists musically find themselves currently.

?This collection?s purpose is to pay homage to superb artists from our distant and recent past while providing our listeners with a unique view into the current mindset of these talented musicians with whom 10T Records is honored to be associated,? says 10T Records president Steve Carroll. ?We hope everyone enjoys these recordings as much as we and the artists involved enjoyed putting it together.?

10T: Undercover track listing:

? From.Uz - "Starless And Bible Black"/King Crimson
? The Vital Might - "Sleeping Beauty"/A Perfect Circle
? Little Atlas - "Battle of Evermore"/Led Zeppelin
? Man On Fire - "Visions Of China"/Japan
? Frogg Caf? - "The Dance Of Maya"/Mahavishnu Orchestra
? Bolt - "Das Model"/Kraftwerk
? Fluttr Effect - "The Chauffeur"/Duran Duran
? Everything In Seven - "Man On The Corner"/Genesis
? Elf Project - "Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun"/Pink Floyd
? The Rebel Wheel - "Cross Eyed Mary"/Jethro Tull
? Steve Katsikas - "The Best Laid Plans"/Kevin Gilbert

Undercover is available for immediate pre-sale through the 10T Records website. All orders received between now and the official release date will ship by the end of the week prior to the official release. Additionally, all tracks from Undercover are available to preview in their entirety through the 10T Records website:


After September 15th, Undercover will be available through your favorite retail outlet for immediate purchase.

[Source: 10T Records]

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