Gazpacho Announced For RoSfest 2010
Date: Monday, August 31 @ 00:32:17 UTC
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RoSFest announces: We are very excited to announce Norwegian band Gazpacho for an appearance at RoSfest 2010.

Gazpacho consists of: Jan-Henrik Ohme - vocals; Jon-Arne Vilbo ? guitars; Thomas Andersen - keyboards; Mikael Kr?mer - violin, mandolin; Robert R Johansen - drums, percussion; and Kristian Torp - bass guitar

Gazpacho has been described by one critic as being "classical post ambient nocturnal atmospheric folk world rock." Putting them in a single genre is not really possible, although bands like Radiohead, Muse, Marillion, Talk Talk or Porcupine Tree have been named.

Gazpacho's first three albums, Bravo (2003), When Earth Lets Go (2004), and Firebird (2005) gained acclaim by word of mouth throughout the world. It didn't take long before they had debuted in the Dutch indie charts at #6, hit #1 three times on, won international songwriter competitions, got playlistings on national radio in several countries, were offered a support slot throughout Europe, voted as one of the top 10 albums of the year for over 6 months on various sites, and a general 'good vibe' was spreading about Gazpacho underground. [Actually, their first release, if not official, was Get It While It's Cold from 2001 (a collection of demos essentially) which is currently OOP; however, tracks from which appeared in their final form on Bravo, we reviewed GIWIC here -ed.]

They played support on Marillion's Marbles tour in 2004 with 31 shows in 11 countries in front of than 40.000 people, which radically raised their profile, earning the respect of audiences everywhere they played and garnering critical acclaim. Overwhelmed by the audience's positive reaction to Gazpacho, Marillion's record label, Intact Records, sought to capitalize on Gazpacho's potential. They launched Gazpacho's 3rd studio album Firebird, and licensed the back catalogue. Appearing on Firebird is none other than Marillion's guitar legend Steve Rothery who contributed stunning melodic guitars on the track "Do You Know What You Are Saying?"

Their fourth album Night (2007) showed a departure from the short song format of the previous albums, and instead consists of one long 50-minute conceptual piece, divided into five parts. The album was instantly well-received in prog-circles, topping the Just For Kicks Music sales chart for two weeks after its release. The international press was almost unanimously positive, calling the album "very, very grand art," "nothing short of a masterpiece" and "an incredible album." The album charted in the reader's top 20 at Progwereld for more than a year. Night also did very well in several readers' polls at the end of 2007. The album was voted 9th best album of 2007 by listeners of Polish radio station MLWZ and 8th best album in the Dutch Progressive Rock Page Poll. The album is also in the top 10 of 2007 at Progarchives.

The band's follow-up for Night, titled Tick Tock, was released in March 2009 and is garnering rave reviews as the band's best album to date. The album tells the story of French writer Antoine de Saint-Exup?ry's airplane crash in the Sahara Desert and subsequent rescue. The story is told through exciting and mature music, showing the band's growth from previous albums but maintaining the Gazpacho sound. The band has since headlined a European tour, including a performance at the prestigious Night of the Prog Festival in Loreley.

We are proud to bring this terrific band to North America for the first time for RoSfest 2010.

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[Source: George Roldan, RoSFest]

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