Puppet Show Signs With ProgRock Records
Date: Sunday, December 17 @ 06:50:52 UTC
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Intricate arrangements, incredible drumming, innovative bass / guitar / keyboard interplay, and imaginative vocals all begin to describe Puppet Show - a group of musicians based in the heart of Northern California's "Silicon Valley."

TraumatizedFormed in 1994, the group plays music that combines fluent melodic work with odd meters and strong vocals. As a bonus, their songs also come complete with multiple sections, instrumental breaks, a solo or two, quiet and loud parts, and occasional snoring. The band garnered critical acclaim for their Bay Area live performances in the 1990s including standout gigs at East Bay Prog Day and headlining the Expos? Concert Series premier event. Response to the release of Puppet Show's debut album Traumatized in 1998 was so strong that the band also got the opportunity to play at the international festivals Baja Prog and ProgFest in the following years.

After a great start, the future of the band began to look uncertain in 2000 when it appeared as if various otherwise-positive life events might deal a fatal blow to Puppet Show. "Real" jobs, family matters, and a few drummer changes slowed down the pace of the band's efforts to complete their follow-up album. Despite the setbacks, and through long periods of little progress, the band persevered and worked through the many obstacles encountered during the writing and recording for the group's long-awaited and aptly-titled second release - The Tale Of Woe.

Mike Grimes of Puppet Show said, "We're excited to be teaming up with ProgRock Records to release our second album - The Tale Of Woe. We like what the label is doing and feel that Puppet Show's music is a good stylistic fit, so when given the opportunity it was easy for the band to decide to sign with ProgRock."

"For me Puppet Show was one of the early bands that showed me American prog was still alive and well, along with their label mates at Kinesis, they were all breaking new ground, so it was both a treat and a surprise to suddenly hear from the band that a new album was done and it was my pleasure to be able to work with them on their comeback and I'm especially pleased that they will be performing at the Rites of Spring Festival in April 2007", Shawn Gordon, President of ProgRock Records said.

The Tale Of Woe is the second album by Puppet Show and the first on ProgRock Records. The CD can be found at www.progrockrecords.com/artists/view.php?id=67. Inspired by bands like Genesis and UK, they have a sound all their own, but will also appeal to fans of those bands. The album is available for immediate order and will ship in early January 2007. The CD is discounted $2 during the pre-order period.

[The next day, Puppet Show posted] "Now that all the 't's are crossed and the 'i's dotted, Puppet Show is proud to announce that we've found a new home at ProgRock Records. We're all very pleased to be teaming up with such a well respected label that is really solidifying its reputation as a top source of great modern progressive rock. Thanks to Shawn & ProgRock Records for making us feel right at home!

"And now that we have a place to hang our hats, we're extremely pleased to announce the release of our second album, The Tale Of Woe. It's been a loooong haul, and there were times it looked like it would never be completed, but the time has finally come when we can share our work with Puppetheads everywhere.

"A labor of love through and through, The Tale of Woe is both a solid continuation of the Puppet Show sound, while also achieving a giant leap forward in production quality. Our first album, Traumatized was originally a 16 track demo that grew and stretched (sometimes a bit painfully) into a full fledged album. A full account of the recording process, which originally also bore the name "The Tale of Woe", will be published either here or in expanded liner notes on a potential reissue of Traumatized.

The Tale Of Woe is everything that we hoped the Traumatized album would be, in terms of production quality. From the relaxed, detail-oriented recording process to the final mixes by none other than the renowned and legendary Terry Brown, The Tale Of Woe has been a first class production from start to finish.

"Of course there's the music, too. The six songs range in length from 4:13 for our shortest tune 'God's Angry Man,' to our longest song 'The Past Has Just Begun,' which spans a full 16:41. While still strongly in the vein of the first album, there is a broader spectrum of music and textures on the new album. The performances are all top-notch with everyone turning in excellent performances. We can't wait to share it with you all!

"The album will be released in February of 2007, in time for folks attending the Rites of Spring Festival to get a copy of the album before the show. For those interested in saving a couple of bucks, the new CD is available for pre-order at the ProgRock Records site [...] and is discounted $2 during the pre-order period.

"Here's to 2007 - The Year of Woe! (figuratively speaking)"

[Source: ProgRock Records, Puppet Show]

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