Cirrha Niva's Drummer Steps Down Due To Health Issues
Date: Tuesday, May 11 @ 01:00:00 UTC
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Dutch progressive metallers Cirrha Niva issued the following update in mid-April: "We have a sad announcement to make: drummer Tommy White is forced to leave Cirrha Niva due to health problems.

"Although it did did not came as a surprise to us, we still feel very sad about it. We can only accept his carefully considered decision and wish Tommy a quick recovery.

"We really hope sometime, someday, his health will allow him to pick up the drumsticks again and form or join a new band, this band will not only gain a kick-ass tight drummer but also a wonderful person.

"Cirrha Niva will NOT cancel any gigs. Temporary drummer Eelco van der Meer, who has played most of the recent gigs, will help us out for the time being. In the meantime Cirrha Niva is urgently seeking for a new talented drummer. So if you are a kick-ass drummer yourself or you know someone who is, contact the band at cirrhaniva [at]

Commented Tommy: "After twelve years of being the drummer for Cirrha Niva , I have decided to leave the band.

"Eight months ago, the feeling in my hands started to disappear and slowly began to cause me problems while playing. In the months after it only got worse and I went from one doctor to another, but they could not find the problem. It became clear to me that the live concerts were in jeopardy as at one point I could not guarantee that I could play a full show.

"While the band hired a temporary replacement for me, I tried my best finding a cure for my problem. Although still rehearsing with the guys, the live concerts were done by Eelco van der Meer.

"Until now I still do not know what is causing the pain in my hands nor do I know when I will have fully control over my hands again.

"The guys in Cirrha Niva were very patient with me and worked around me, but it became clear to all of us that this situation could not continue. So, not trying to slow them down in any form or way,I told the guys to look for another drummer.

"Those 12 years in the band are very dear to me. Too many highlights to mention but it was a blast. I had a great time and enjoyed playing for you all.

"For now I need to get well again and therefore will stop not only playing drums for Cirrha Niva , but also stop playing drums as such.

"Who knows what will happen in the future?!

"At this moment I can only say a big thank you to Rob, Daniel, Carlo and Legrand for putting up with me. I know I was not the most easy guy to work with but I truly love you guys and will never forget the fun we had playing together."

Cirrha Niva's latest album, For Moments Never Done, was released last September through the band's own independent record label Parnassus Records. The distribution of the album was handled by Suburban in the Benelux and The End Records in the USA/Canada.

For Moments Never Done was Cirrha Niva's first release with new vocalist Legrand and the group's first CD since the 2001 rock opera Liaison De La Morte. The band has put aside its earlier theatrical and gothic influences in order to develop a more modern style and sound. According to a press release, "raw melancholic metal riffs, groovy drums and dark grunts will be enlightened with the powerful clean sometimes almost poppy and soulful, lead vocals of Legrand."

For Moments Never Done was produced by Jochem Jacobs and Bouke Visser at Split Second Sound Studio (Textures, Autumn, Steam Of Passion) and Excess Recording Studio (Ayreon, After Forever, Gorefest). It features seven songs with a total running time of approximately 47 minutes.

The CD features guest appearances by the following musicians:

Manda Ophuis (Nemesea)
Joost van den Broek (After Forever)
Yuval Kramer (Amaseffer)
Robin de Groot (Chiraw)
Bouke Visser

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