Star One - Pre-Order Taking In Progress, Tracklist Revealed
Date: Sunday, October 03 @ 23:00:00 UTC
Topic: Album Release News

The taking of pre-orders for the signed limited edition 2-CD mediabook edition of Victims Of The Modern Age began on September 29, available exclusively through the ArjenLucassen store.

Plus, through October 6, "you can get the special pre-order bundle of the Limited 2-CD edition (?19) plus a T-shirt (?20) for an early-bird price of ?25. Of course you can order the Ltd 2-CD Edition on its own for ?19. These prices do not include shipping, but we've done our best to create fair shipping options for folks all over the world. The special bundle offer will continue throughout the presale period, but the price will be going up as of 6 October. The signed preorders are available here:

Orders will ship in the last week of October. All BUNDLE orders to non-European countries will ship registered priority mail to ensure the fastest and safest shipping. If you have any questions about the signed pre-sales, just email Lori [store AT arjenlucassen DOT com] who will be happy to help you.

"Now that we're finished with all the "Guess the Movie" contests, we can finally reveal the track list!

Limited Edition 2CD Mediabook Info:


1] Down The Rabbit Hole (01:20)
2] Digital Rain (06:23)
3] Earth That Was (06:08)
4] Victim Of The Modern Age (06:27)
5] Human See, Human Do (05:14)
6] 24 Hours (07:20)
7] Cassandra Complex (05:24)
8] It's Alive, She's Alive, We're Alive (05:07)
9] It All Ends Here (09:46)

CD2 (Enhanced Multi-media CD):
Audio Tracks:

1] As The Crow Dies (04:42)
2] Two Plus Two Equals Five (05:04)
3] Lastday (04:46)
4] Closer To The Stars (05:11)
5] Knife Edge (ELP cover) (04:25)


1] The Making of ?Victims of the Modern Age? (36:00)

Featured Artists:


Russell Allen (Symphony X)
Damian Wilson (Headspace, Threshold)
Floor Jansen (ex-After Forever, ReVamp)
Dan Swan? (Nightingale, Second Sky, ex-Edge of Sanity)

Guest Vocalists, CD2
Tony Martin (Ex-Black Sabbath)
Mike Andersson (Cloudscape, Full Force, Silent Memorial)
Rodney Blaze


Arjen Lucassen - guitars, keyboards
Ed Warby - drums (Ayreon, Hail of Bullets, Gorefest)
Peter Vink - bass
Joost van den Broek - keyboard solos (Ex-After Forever)
Gary Wehrkamp - guitar solos (Shadow Gallery)

Release Dates:

NEW DATE for USA -- 25 October
G.A.S.-- 29 October
Europe -- 1 November

Star One Contest 6 - Final "Guess the Movie" contest winner: Congratulations to Harkonnen, the lucky winner of the final "Guess the Movie" contest. The lyrics sung by the beautiful and talented Floor Jensen in this video clip - were indeed inspired by the Terry Gilliam film, 12 Monkeys.

[Source: Arjen Lucassen e-newsletter]

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