Kinetic Element News Update - CPR 4 Compilation
Date: Sunday, May 01 @ 14:00:00 UTC
Topic: Band News (tours, comings/goings, etc)

Writes Kinetic Element's Mike Vissagio, "As you may know the lyrical bent of Powered By Light is inspired by the epistle First John in the New Testament of the Bible. As such I'm known in the Christian Progressive Rock ("Cprog") community and we were invited by the marvelous bassist of Ajalon and Neal Morse's band, Randy George, to take part in the annual compilation disc CPR for 2011. Randy has been putting this compilation disc out for awhile now, and this is the fourth edition, hence the title of the disc is CPR 4 [due out May 10].

"Here are the bands and solo artists on the disc:

Visual Cliff
Eric Parker
Gene Crout
Iona (!!!)
Kinetic Element (your favorites I'm sure LOL again)
Doug Bowers (of KDDB)
Supernal Endgame (a Prog Rock Records artist)

"This is really going to rock. Kinetic Element is very honored to be included with these amazing bands and writers.

"We have found ourselves a great singer and are auditioning bass players, and putting together a cover songs list of stuff we like from classic rock (Journey, Boston, Hendrix, Yes, ELP, Supertramp, Pink Floyd, high quality rock) to go out and play more, but don't worry we will also be performing our originals. We have a gig in Richmond on July 1 and as we get closer I'll [...publish...] details. We expect to book more for the summer.

"Thanks for sticking with us. Don't forget you can still get Powered By Light and Starship Universe [Visaggio's solo album] at CD Baby, Kinesis, Syn-Phonic and Caerlyssi Music online, and the CPR 4 disc will be available from us for $12.95 plus S&H."

[Source: Kinetic Element]

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