Memento Waltz Added To ProgPower Europe Bill
Date: Sunday, May 01 @ 19:00:00 UTC
Topic: Festival News

ProgPower Europe have announced another band for the festival and this time it's Memento Waltz from Italy who will play on the Sunday[, October 2, 2011]

This is a relatively new band and they are influenced by the likes of King Crimson, Watchtower, Cynic and Spiral Architect. They offer psychedelic melodies, dark atmospheres and layered rhythms.

The festival now has 11 acts named with just 4 more to follow - there’s a real mix with some established acts, some bands doing the festival circuit and a couple of fairly unknown bands. The last acts are being finalised just now but are rumoured to be likely to cause a sell out - as if Redemption and Mekong Delta weren’t enough!

A check of the new website will show you links to loads of accommodation as well as a guide to travelling to Baarlo. It’s really easy and today nowhere is really that far. The music speaks for itself.

Booked so far - Barstool Philosophers, Schizoid Lloyd, Kingcrow, Redemption, Seventh Wonder, In Mourning, Sole Remedy, Sky Architect, Mekong Delta, White Walls, Memento Waltz - four more to be named.

[Source: On The Rail Promotions]


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