Metal Mind Productions To Release NewBreed's Third Studio Album
Date: Monday, May 09 @ 21:00:00 UTC
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Metal Mind Productions proudly presents the third studio album by NewBreed, a progressive metal band from Poland. Their self-titled material features guest appearances by Tomasz Lipa Lipnicki (Lipali, ex-Illusion) on the vocals and Wacek Vogg Kiełtyka (Decapitated) on the guitar.

The band was formed in November 1999 by a group of very young people: Thomas Wolonciej (git/voc), Stanley Wolonciej (drums) and Paul Gawlowski (bass). In 2000, after several local gigs, the band recorded their first demo entitled Solitary. In 2001, Paul left the band. New friends - Andy Czul and his brother Thomas - helped the band and joined them to play upcoming gigs and record new material. The New Way Oof Human Existence was released by a small label (Apocalypse Production) on a split-tape in 2002.

Having met with good reviews, the band joined Brutal Surgeins Tour 2002 and played many other gigs. In 2003, NewBreed delivered their next album Lost, which was promoted at many live shows. After that, the band got great reviews in the underground press. Lost was released by a small label Metalrulez. In April 2004, another line-up change occurred - Thomas Czul was replaced by Peter Bialkowski. In January 2005, NewBreed came up with their new release If I Were The Rain. In 2006, the band joined Awakening On The Path Of Rain Tour 2006. Soon after that, Peter Bialkowski left the band. Young guitar player Szymon Fiuk became a new member of NewBreed.

In January 2007, a new album, Child Of The Sun was ready to be released. NewBreed signed a deal with Polish prog-metal label Insanity Records. Child Of The Sun was out in April that year. After that, NewBreed played many shows around Poland. The band also got a chance to record their final gig of the promotional tour. In December 2008, after the band recorded their live DVD Live In Rudeboy, Jarosław Gacek became their new bass player. The DVD was released in May 2009.

Writing and recording of their next album took over a year... Finally, NewBreed bring a new album entitled simply NewBreed. Tomasz Lipa Lipnicki (Lipali, ex-Illusion) joined the band in one of the songs (vocals) and Wacek Vogg Kiełtyka (Decapitated) played one of the solos. This album takes NewBreed to a completely different artistic level. In 2011, the band signed a deal with Metal Mind Productions. The release date is set up for 20th June in Europe and 9th August in USA (via MVD).


1. How It Was To Be
2. The Forever Spring
3. Safety
4. When I Admire The World
5. After All This Time
6. Long Time Desired
7. An Answer Without Any Words
8. In A Better World
9. Another Home In You
10. Hope That You’re Alright

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