Black Country Communion - Free Download, Digipack Pre-Order & Led Zep Rarity
Date: Monday, May 16 @ 19:00:00 UTC
Topic: Band News (tours, comings/goings, etc)

Black Country Communion have just issued a free download of the first track from their forthcoming second studio album 2. Entitled "The Outsider," the new song is available as a free download from the Official BCC website

In the UK and the rest of Europe, Mascot Records will issue an exclusive limited edition digipack of BCC's 2 album, produced by Kevin Shirley (Aerosmith, Journey, Black Crowes). The limited edition digipack is available for pre-order now, and includes hand-written liner notes from each member of the band, plus exclusive photographs. The sleeve artwork will be embossed in a high quality "grain texture" finishing.

Fans can order the limited edition CD digipack from Amazon UK and An exclusive double gatefold vinyl edition can be ordered from Amazon UK.

The forthcoming BCC album features the song "Save Me," originally intended to be performed by Led Zeppelin after their 2007 reunion concert at London's O2 Arena. The song, written by Jason Bonham, was intended to be worked on by Led Zeppelin's John Paul Jones and Jimmy Page, but was abandoned when Robert Plant opted out from touring with the band.

Earlier this year, before Jason entered the studio to record the new Black Country album, he gave "Save Me" to BCC's vocalist/bassist Glenn Hughes, who finished the arrangement and wrote the lyrics. "Save Me originally started off as an idea that I worked on with Jimmy and John," says Bonham. "You'll notice it - there's a slight Zepesque riff - It's got a definite feel to it."

[Source: Noble PR]

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