10 Years Of Mangrove Progressive Rock
Date: Friday, October 14 @ 21:00:00 UTC
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Band Releases DVD Of Unique Acoustic Show

Progressive rock band Mangrove celebrates its first decade on the 11th of November, 2011. The presentation of the second DVD that the band releases on their own record label Mangrovian Music coincides with this 10th anniversary.

The DVD contains the recordings of the unique acoustic show that took place in a sold out theatre of venue Gigant in Apeldoorn (NL) in 2010. The DVD will be entitled -- like the show -- More Or Less.... It is the second DVD in a series of three that is released in succession. Recently Mangrove already presented their first live DVD, Live Beyond Reality. Beside this, the DVD recording show that was performed at De Boerderij, Zoetermeer (NL) will become the last part of the DVD trilogy.

"We have challenged ourselves to experiment with our symphonic compositions and to try recreating the essence of them in the intimate atmosphere of a theatre," says keyboard player Chris Jonker. Guitarist/singer Roland van der Horst adds: "In this unique show Mangrove shines a new light on the many songs we've written in the last [several] years. To play with some exciting new -- but yet wellknown -- melodies and sounds is just wonderful. Seeing this DVD causes the same excitement to us that we had during the show." The DVD will also contain a beautiful performance of Peter Gabriel’s "Here Comes The Flood."

During the last decade, Mangrove has built a solid live reputation. A very special 10th Anniversary Show will be held on 11th of November in Gigant Apeldoorn. This is a unique chance to see Mangrove performing live in all its glory. The show promises to become a spectacular one also regarding the visual aspect: the band is planning to use among others a "Laser Harp."

Anticipating the 10th anniversary celebration there is a special offer on the official Mangrove website: during October you can get hold of the DVD Beyond Reality and a studio album for 20 euros.

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