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Date: Monday, February 13 @ 22:20:00 UTC
Topic: Band News (tours, comings/goings, etc)

"After such a long time here we are again!," writes Italian progressive rock band Mangala Vallis. "So many things have changed so far... as well as our ideas on how the following of the Lycanthrope project ought to be developed and composed. Since we have started writing for it, 2 years ago, many things that were given for granted, collapsed, and many intentions have been inverted.

"This happened because things in life change and make you change too, and as far as you may plan, only destiny has the last word.

"So the only thing which remained unchanged is the title of the album.

"Its birth has been so complex that it even made Bernardo and Riccardo take the decision to leave Mangala Vallis. A choice that was painful for them and sad for those of us left, who analyzed, discussed and accepted it.

"This event is making the new Mangala Vallis a different band from the past one, but actually the mutation began when Cristiano replaced Enzo at keyboards. The reasons of a goodbye are always complex and belong to the private life of those who have to face them. So, for respect of each protagonist of this story, we'll stick to the facts, staying out of the emotional aspects.

"We'll keep you posted about all our upcoming changes and exciting news: new singer, new bass player and album! You'll hear from us soon!"

[Source: Mangala Vallis website]

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