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Date: Friday, September 04 @ 08:00:00 UTC
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The first two Magellan albums see reissue on a specially priced 2 CD - Hour Of Restoration and Impending Ascension.

Hour Of Restoration was the first CD by Magellan, and the first Magna Carta release back in 1991. It has not been available in the USA through any distributor in over 20 Years. The early influences of Rush, Yes, and Kansas are marbled throughout Magellan's debut album which recounts the signing of the Magna Carta and then takes a progressive excursion through England's formative years as a nation.

Magellan's Impending Ascension is a truly great progressive rock work. Building upon the same Progressive Rock influences as the previous Hour Of Restoration, Impending Ascension features better, more consistent songwriting and a harder-edged sound. With Jethro Tull drummer Doane Perry guesting on "Waterfront Weirdos."

Tracklisting: Hour Of Restoration

1 - Magna Carta (14:45)
2 - The Winner (2:07)
3 - Friends Of America (3:27)
4 - Union Jack (9:08)
5 - Another Burning (5:04)
6 - Just One Bridge (2:15)
7 - Breaking These Circles (5:17)
8 - Turning Point (1:24)

Tracklisting: Impending Ascension

1 - Estadium Nacional (11:12)
2 - Waterfront Weirdos (11:05)
3 - Songsmith (5:32)
4 - Virtual Reality (5:25)
5 - No Time For Words (2:08)
6 - Storms And Mutiny (11:50)
7 - Under The Wire (1:41)


Trent Gardner - Lead Vocals, Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Wayne Gardner - Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Vocals
Hal Stringfellow Imbrie - Bass, Vocals

Special Guests:
Doane Perry – Drums on "Waterfront Weirdos"
Hope Harris – Female Voice on "Virtual Reality"

[While visiting the band's website, I noticed their cover of Chicago's "25 Or 6 To 4" (listen here). Whenever I hear Magellan mentioned, one thought that returns to me is a one of those geeky moments people have*, as my first "celebrity" email feedback (after starting PW) was from Trent (omg! lol) - I'd noted a Chicago feel to the music on Test Of Wills in my review of said CD, owing to the trombone featured throughout; Trent commented in his email that I was perceptive. A server crash at some point after means I no longer have the email. So... it doesn't surprise me at all, this cover version. I mean, the fact of it. It is a familiar yet different take on it
*an entry in the Bowness inspired category of "stupid things that mean the world" (though not stupid) -ed.]

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